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If you like to write fanfiction, drop by the Fanfiction Section of the forums!

If you have any Alien 9 / Alien Nine related fiction that you've created to share then let me know through the Contact page, thank you!

Alien 9 Forums

Members of the forum have posted a few fanfictions including an extensive roleplay spanning over 900 posts. Check them out and join in!

  1. Fanfiction Section 1
  2. Fanfiction Section 2

Fiction by kitaneeko

kitaneeko's Deviantart Account

Alien Nine Roleplay

  1. Introduction and Profiles

On Alien Wings

An Alien Nine and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles crossover!

He was not human and, as one would expect, neither was she. She was a creature from another world, whilst he was born and raised on Earth.

  1. Part 1
  2. Part 2
  3. Part 3
  4. Part 4

Fiction by T.M.M.S.

T.M.M.S. Account
  1. A Night on the Beach ( Romance )
  2. Kasumi's Plan ( Drama / Romance / Incomplete )

Fiction by Wooga

I'm Not Me Anymore

Wooga Account

Yuri was terrified as always [...]. One of her pigtails had come undone, and her shirt had been torn. A strange (they all were,) bug-eyed alien, was barreling after her...

( Sci-Fi / Spiritual )
  1. Part 1: Afterschool Activities
  2. Part 2: Integration
  3. Part 3: Cancer
  4. Part 4: Ninth Alien

Fiction by JeshuaMorbus

The following fiction is in Spanish. You can use Google Translate to help read it.


JeshuaMorbus Account

Oscuro... Todo estaba oscuro...

( Horror / Adventure )
  1. Capítulo 1: Girasoles
  2. Capítulo 2: Visión
  3. Capítulo 3: Pasado
  4. Capítulo 4: Naga

External Sites

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Alien Nine French Section

Alien Nine Spanish Section

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