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Quotes from the anime and manga

Please note that this page may contain spoilers for the entire series

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Yuri: She said, "nya"
  • Yuri: The last year of elementary school, and it sucks
  • Yuri: I knew I wasn't going to like this
  • Kasumi: My older brother liked this fragrance too
  • Yuri: Gross
  • Megumi: They may be aliens, but we must respect their lives
  • Kumi: No, I don't want to be nice anymore
  • Yuri: Mom, I told you not to say anything stupid... !
  • Yuri's Borg: Want me to waste him too?
  • Girl: Guess that's what happens when you wear an alien on your head!
  • Miyu: You don't know how Yuri feels
  • Kasumi: Nya!
  • Yuri: She said, "nya"
  • Yuri: I was right; this really does suck!
  • Megumi: I'd lose if I did things by the book
  • Kumi: Don't cry!
  • Yuri: This is the worst year ever!
  • Kumi: Uh... H-Happ... Happy... birthday
  • Megumi: Last year and the year before, noone would do it, but this year all of a sudden I've got two. If I play my cards right, I might even have three
  • Yuri's Borg: I wish you'd stop looking at me and sighing every morning
  • Miyu: Hang in there
  • Kumi: We have to do something, because we've both experienced the same fear she's feeling
  • Miyu: That was scary!!
  • Yuri: The tree! There's something in the tree!
  • Voices Singing: Everybody, everybody is an alien. Everyone will become an alien. Everybody will become one. All the kids will graduate. Their bodies will change. They will become adults. And everybody is an alien
  • Yuri: What do I do?! What should I do?! Everybody's become an alien
  • Megumi: The race is about to start!
  • Kumi: We'll always be together, because we're friends
  • Megumi: Miss Tomine, use it gracefully as you have been
  • Megumi: Miss Kawamura, use it wisely as you have been
  • Megumi: This time don't kill it Miss Otani
  • Principal: She messed up
  • Megumi: Oh we've really done it now
  • Kumi: Help me, Dad! Help!
  • Kumi's Borg: We'll be together until one of us dies
  • Yuri: Wow! I'm flying
  • Kasumi: Because I love everything and everyone. I love everyone, so why...? Why, why?!
  • Kumi: First, I have to find Yuri
  • Yuri's Borg: You're such a baby!
  • Yellow Knife: You're alone
  • Kumi: I don't want her to die. I don't want anyone to die. I don't want any death
  • Kumi: No, I'm okay. No, nothing's the matter. Nothing's wrong, Nothing's the matter
  • Principal: Somebody is trying to interfere with us
  • Kumi: I'm just pissed 'cause they ate my stomach
  • Kumi: I'll never get a husband now
  • Yellow Knife: The market is not for the drill clan alone
  • Kumi: I wonder if I'm human
  • Yuri: Wha... What's happened to you guys?
  • Yuri: I'm not a fool
  • Miyu: I hope aliens come mess up our entrance exams
  • Kasumi: You're wrecking my happiness. Don't take away my happiness!
  • Megumi: I'm sorry, Yuri. You're going to have to die
  • Yuri's Borg: I'll do my best to make her happy
  • Monami: But I'm glad I'm not the only alien
  • Kumi: The world is full of aliens
  • Monami: You've gone too far
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