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Kumi Kawamura in her Alien Party outfit and borg holding a tranquiliser gun from the opening sequence of the Alien 9 anime.

The anime first caught my eye when I saw an advertisement of the cartoon on television. A girl forced to wear a 'symbiotic' borg...

...that (on first impression) looks impressively like a giant tadpole, she fights the aliens that occassionally rampages through her elementary school. Since I was a fantasy and cartoon addict, I thought 'sounds fun', and I gave it a shot. I thought it'll be like watching Pokemon. After an episode and I'll go, 'So that's how the story goes,' and I'll get bored of it. I was proven wrong.

The first part I saw of the cartoon was Yuri, the main character, having a symbiotic borg placed on her head. What follows afterwards was totally unexpected. The borg licking Yuri, Yuri squirming etc. As the story goes by, you'll notice how much Yuri likes to cry and complain and so on and on. In fact, she seems to be good at everything else except catching aliens. Who would expect a girl to cry when her friends turned up on her birthday? That's exactly what Yuri did. However, you'll soon feel some sympathy for Yuri once you finish watching the anime. But at least she's not alone. Coming into the story are Kumi Kawamura, who joined the Alien Party in order to escape the responsibility of being the class president, and Kasumi Tomine, who, most surprisingly, joined the party because she likes it.

Though the story can be extremely confusing in the beginning, you'll get more engrossed as the story revolves. For me, the characters are extremely cute and cheerful, thought their noses seems to have been erased off their faces. The fact that the anime displayed teamwork and friendship in the most brilliant way had me swept off my feet. The music will too have you addicted.

Having finished watching the anime, one would simply want more. The fact that the DVD only runs up to Episode 4 and ends there is a downside though. The anime was left hanging in the air and you'll have to buy the books to know what is going to happen after the story. The positive side of this is - It is worth your money.

For those who enjoys watching fantasy and sci-fi, AlienNine would be their type. I strongly recommend this anime to everyone though. Ignore the alien-spluttering scenes and enjoy the show. :)

Review by Alien Nine Fan (Anonymous)

Alien Nine is one of those awesome anime series you only hear about and buy on a whim. After you watch all four episodes and read the mangas you spend several weeks kicking yourself for not looking into it sooner. Well that?s how I felt when I walked away from finishing episode four of this amazing series.

Right now however I would like to review episode one of 'Alien Nine'. When the episode first starts were quickly introduced to Yuri. A reluctant sixth grader who's incredibly bummed out that almost everyone in the class has voted her into the alien party. Were quickly introduced to Kumi and Kasumi. The other members of the alien party. The alien parties job is to capture the aliens that invade the school. The alien party is led by a teacher named Megumi, who isn't really good at her job. The girls receive aliens known as borgs they have to wear on their heads while capturing other aliens. The borgs look like frogs with white wings on their backs and a tadpole tail on their back ends. They look goofy, but are incredibly powerful beings. During the rest of the episode we see how the alien fighters deal with hostile aliens and each other.

What struck me as different about this anime is the main character Yuri. The character the show is more focused on. She isn't the brave hero you would normally expect her to be. She cries easily, she gets incredibly afraid and even passes out twice. Even though she isn't exactly a competent alien fighter she's still a cute character. I love her regular and whiny voice.

The animation is also really good. The character design is also really good as well. All the characters in the entire show are really cute. And when they suffer you really feel for them. Finally I want to mention the ending song 'Rebirth'. Which I happen to be listening to while writing this review. This song is incredible and plays during the end credits.

So overall I would recommend checking out this episode. It's cute, funny and it sets up for a great four episode anime series.

Review by Alien Nine Fan (Anonymous)

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