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Why Did I Make a Site Dedicated to the Alien Nine series?

An overview of this site, wrote in 2003.

Kumi with her back to the viewer amongst a pattern of drills.

First Encounter of the Alien 9 Kind

I first saw Alien 9 when a friend started watching it and I was shown some screenshots, this was probably back in 2001 as it was when Alien 9 was first released I believe. It looked interesting, cute and different (and they had wings, that's always a plus for me) so I ventured to see some episodes and as you can see from this site, I don't regret it. I enjoyed the series from many angles: the music, animation, characters and more. It's a very strange series and unforunately most people have overlooked it either because they found the surface concept/imagery to be too weird or were grossed out/disturbed by the series. It's also short in it's animated form and so not many people find it, like alot of short OVA-only type series.

A New Perspective

My interest was heightened after reading Kat's infamous essay. I first read it a long time ago. It really made me look at the series in a new light and look beyond the surface "weirdness". I have to agree with parts of the interpretation in that essay and it made some things fit in place more, it also challenges you to think of how you interpreted the series. Some of the points in that essay I already thought myself whilst first viewing the episodes, others were new and interesting concepts to me. I know that not everyone agrees with the interpretation given there but it is a personal interpretation. And I'd like to hear about more interepretations so if you can come up with your own submit it to this site if you can. It's always interesting if a story/art can be seen in more than one light and shows variety in the way we see things as individuals.

Delayed Reaction

Now you notice I say I first saw this series in 2001 and I first thought about making this site awhile after (probably at the same time I saw the series first) yet this site was put up in late 2003. Well that's because I dropped the project, due to work etc. I regret that as the official Japanese site is now dead... Back when I first thought of doing this site it was up, had I of known it would go down I would of saved everything... However I did save the official screensaver, voice actor photos, character design images and production info ^^

I finally decided to dig into putting up this site as I noticed that there were still zero sites dedicated to this series by people! Even over 2 years after its first release, yikes. What a shame. The first link you get when looking for this series is usually the original Japanese site and that is dead... Not too useful. There is the English official site now but it doesn't seem to be easy to find... unless you dig deeper through page search results. Everything else is just simply general reviews, OK if you're looking for the basics but what if you're looking for a dedicated site or something with a little bit extra? If you look hard enough there is a basic gallery and some other small pictures in the backpages of other sites but most people wouldn't have the patience to go through 30+ pages of links (alien is a popular word....). So this site will be useful for acting as a collective of useful Alien 9 links and info whilst also providing lots of other fun stuff and extras I have or make, or that you send.


This site now has a vast amount of pages and media, plus all the information in the forums and some other sections. I've tried my best to make this site as good as it can be, but I do need help since, as you can tell, there isn't a huge amount of stuff for this series. So anything you can submit to me is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Actually I even noticed a mention made this year (2003) saying that Alien 9 was a new series after seeing the latest release of the English DVD Boxset Ultimate Collection. It's actually almost 3 years old. It's just that it has unforunately dropped into obscurity so people don't realise... But that is why this site is now here. I hope to provide a good quality resource for people looking for info about it or are fans of the series. Hopefully this place will come up in searches and spread out a bit... If you can, help this along please by linking to me. Thank you to anyone who links here, drop a note in the guestbook if you can as I'd love to know if you do link me.

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