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If you have an Alien 9 / Alien Nine related fanlisting then let me know through the Contact page, thank you!

Alien 9 Series Fanlisting

The official (approved by Anime Fanlistings .org) Alien Nine fanlisting for the series as a whole.
With over 120 members.

Banner for the fanlisting with the words Alien 9 Fanlisting and Kumi attacking an alien whilst wearing her borg.

Kasumi Fanlisting

The official Kasumi fanlisting for the enthusiastic little girl with a dark side.

Kasumi Tomine Fanlisting

Yuri Fanlisting

The official Yuri fanlisting for the unfortunate little emotional girl trying to live a normal life and make friends.

Yuri Otani Fanlisting

Places to buy Alien 9 merchandise. Alien 9 fanlisting. Chat on the Alien 9 forum. Draw online with other Alien 9 fans. Favourite Alien Nine character?
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