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Please note that this page contains spoilers and requires having watched the anime to understand the humour.

Here you can find parodies of scenes from the Alien 9 anime. Many thanks to all those who submitted such funny Alien 9 / Alien Nine parodies so far. You can find more parodies on the forum in the Alien 9 Spoofs thread.

112 parodies in total.

by Sai

Alien 9 Opening

A determined Kumi in her Alien Party outfit and borg grips a gun and looks towards the viewer.
News Just In: The new James Bond has been cast.
A bulbous plant alien deflates.
Kumi: No Yuri! Grab then snip! (Alien 9 manga reference).
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Episode 1

A class of children turn towards the back of the class.
Yuri: Achoo *everyone turns* (Azumanga Daioh reference).
Whilst checking out their new Alien Party outfits, Kasumi and Kumi stand and hold their hands out to each other.
Kasumi: Paper beats rock!
Kumi: That's not until a later episode!
Yuri peers around the doorway to the first Alien Party meeting.
Yuri: Oh... hey... this isn't the basket weaving class? Oh well I'll be on my way then... Ah who am I kidding ...
Megumi asks a question. Kumi faces forwards and holds up a hand whilst Yuri cowardly grips her arm.
Kumi: Talk to the hand, Yuri
Yuri: Oh, great and wise hand, plea-
Kumi: Geez, it's a figure of speech!
Kumi faces forwards and holds up a hand whilst Yuri cowardly grips her arm.
Kumi: And then she said 'Paper beats rock!'; Yuri: But that's not until a later episode; Kumi: I know!
2 detailed pie charts on reasons for not wanting to be in the Alien Party.
In the future, political parties temporarily resort to complex pie charts depicting reasons for not voting for rival parties, until finally returning back to the trusted old ways of putting a mugshot up on a billboard with the words 'You'd vote for THIS guy!? Are you crazy?'
A pie chart displays reasons for not wanting to be in the Alien Party.
  1. Couldn't care less but going to go with the majority: 22%.
  2. I'd rather an alien on my butt: 22% (Milk Closet manga reference).
A scared Yuri watches as her borg sticks its tongue out.
Borg: Give us a kiss!
A terrified Yuri peers up as her borg wildly flicks his tongue in the air.
The borg tries to make a good first impression on Yuri by impressing her with his yo-yo tongue trick, but fails.
Yuri lays unconscious on the floor covered in green liquid after her first alien hunt.
Yuri: Gosh, paintballing is tiring!
Yuri approaches Kumi at school and stand facing each other. Kumi is wearing tight fitting black clothing.
Black Ninja Kumi faces her opponent.
An embarassed Yuri tries to close her cupboard doors whilst a toy snake head hangs out of the gap.
  1. Heeeere's Snakey!
  2. Snake: I just wanted to come out the close- wait... that's not what I meant.
Kuri looks embarassed as her Mom pokes her cheek
Kumi's Mom: And when you push this button on her cheek here, her face lights up! Cool, eh?
During a dream sequence, a frightened Yuri looks to one side as Megumi stands behind her dressed in a pink and white dress.
Yuri cringed at Megumi's Ling Ling Hsu cosplay attempt (Steam Detectives anime reference).
A crazy-eyed Dezmond alien stands in a defensive pose.
Alien: Am I looking up? Or am I looking down? Eh, eh? MUAHAHA I'm so good at these mind games.
An alien and Kasumi leap into the air from the school roof.
Alien: Look Peter Pan, we can fly!; Kasumi: My happy thought is my brother!
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Episode 2

Yuri and Kasumi crouch and face each other. Kasumi has caught Yuri in a net.
Yuri: Look Kasumi, I'm flattered, but I'm telling you -- I'm NOT a humongous butterfly...
A close-up of an angry Kasumi shouting.
Kasumi: NYA! *Kasumi whispers to self* I wonder if the Digi Charat producers have decided to cast me yet, I don't know how long I can keep this up before someone notices (Digi Charat anime reference).
A hand holds up strands of hair which have formed into a drill shape.
Advert: Try this brand new shampoo and you'll never need to buy a drill again!
Kasumi, Kumi and Yuri are playing rock, paper, scissors. *Kasumi holds up 'scissors' with the back of her hand facing Yuri*
Yuri: Kasumi... are you trying to tell me something?
A bemused Yuri stands in a vast field of flowers.
  1. Yuri: I've really let the back garden go...
  2. Yuri: I knew I shouldn't of ate that food that had passed its sell-by date... Where am I THIS time?
Yuri and Megumi stand facing each other in field of flowers. A petal has landed on Yuri's head and Megumi holds up a net.
Megumi: Hold still Yuri, something pink just landed on your head!; Yuri: W-wait, what are you going to do with that net? Not again...
Yuri watches as Megumi flies up into the air using a plant seed.
Yuri: Wait! When did you become Mary Poppins!?
A shouting Kasumi desperately grabs Kumi's shirt.
Kasumi: Give me that top! (The summer fashion sales battle heats up).
A hunched up Kumi stands at Yuri's apartment block and pouts.
Kumi: And I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll blow your hou- your flat down! (or your 'apartment').
Kumi holds up a present in front of her face.
  1. Kumi: If I hide behind this... maybe they won't see me.
  2. Kumi: I brought you a life supply of hankies... Just kidding.. No, seriously I was kidding! Don't hurt me!
A drunken Megumi uses her strands of her hair formed into a drill as a food skewer.
Megumi: Mmm, yummy... *crack* OW! I broke a tooth on my hair!
Kasumi and Kumi are enjoying Yuri's birthday party. Yuri's face turns red in embarassment as Miyu takes a photograph of her.
Miyu's new high-tech infra-red light focusing camera zooms in on Yuri.
Yuri clutches a present and smiles.
Yuri: I'd like to thank all my friends who made this possible and Hitoshi Tomizawa and--
Kumi: Alright Yuri, it's a present not an Oscar!
A boy sits with a laptop.
Boy: These Alien 9 captions by Sai on this Alien 9 fan site are terrible.
A boy is about to eat a hamburger.
Subliminal Burger King advertising.
Yuri sits on the floor as white fibres on her head spread wildly around her.
Yuri: AHHHHHHHHHH! Bad hair day!
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Episode 3

Yuri struggles under the water.
Swimming Tip #1: Keep head above water.
Yuri holds up a flashlight in the dark woods.
Yuri auditions for The X-Files.
Miyu stands in front of a white background whilst calling out and raising an arm.
Miyu: Heyyy! Look at me! All the white for my eyes has spilled into the background instead!
Dressed in kimonos, Kasumi and Kumi sit next to each other at a festival. Kumi looks up into the air whilst Kasumi stares intently at her.
Vampire Kasumi sets her sights on Kumi's neck.
A close-up of the side of Kumi's face.
I'm suddenly reminded of the Moomins...
A centipede-like alien attacks the Alien Party in a school coridoor.
The Centipede from Atari strikes back!
A centipede-like alien rises up whilst smaller bug-like aliens scurry along a school coridoor towards Kumi and Yuri who panic.
Overwhelmed, Kumi and Yuri resort to awful dancing to try and scare the aliens away.
Three hands are held out towards each other.
Kumi: Paper
Kasumi: Paper!
Yuri: Paper...wahhh!?
A concerned Megumi stands behind a fence.
Zoo sign: Do not feed the Megumis.
Megumi pouts and holds a pencil under her nose with her upper lip.
Megumi: I wonder if I'd look good with a moustache...
Kasumi flies through the air in front of the moon.
Hey Diddle, Diddle, the cat and the fiddle, the Kasumi jumped over the moon.
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Episode 4

Kumi's Mom glances behind her whilst looking extremely tired.
Kumi's Mom: Duuuude, I'm totally trippin'.
Kumi looks mischievous and holds up her hands towards a worried Yuri.
Kumi: Let's see if you're ticklish.
Yuri in her Alien Party outfit floats in the sky. Yuri's borg floats in front of her with an unusually long mouth.
Yuri: My, what a big mouth you have
Borg: I know you're wearing red, but you're NOT Little Red Riding Hood!
Kasumi's white-laden dream sequence
And suddenly, the animators ran out of paint.
Kasumi stands and looks up at the tall and yellow plant-like stems with buds that surround her.
Kasumi: Someone's really been letting the garden go...; Yuri: I already did that joke!
A close-up of Megumi's forehead as her fringe flies in the wind.
Megumi: I shouldn't of rubbed that balloon across my forehead...
Yuri attempts to get down from the Yellow Knife using her borg's drills.
Yuri's stilts act fails.
Kumi's lays on the floor against a bookcase with books scattered around her. Blood pours from her body.
  1. It was Kumi, with the bookcase, in the library; That's impossible... even for Cluedo.
  2. Kumi finds some adult-themed Alien 9 fan works (doujinshi) in the library and decides there's only one thing to do
Tears pour down Yuri's face.
Little did anyone know, Yuri had actually been auditioning for the crying scene in Alice in Wonderland this whole time.
During the Yellow Knife attack, Megumi is thrown backwards with mouth open. A strand of spit comes from her mouth.
Megumi tries to compete in The Spitting Contest but passes out under the pressure (this contest appeared in The Monkey Island games series).
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by Kumi-chan

An exasperated Yuri lays her head down on a table.
Yuri: Maybe if I pretend I'm dead no one will know I have to go down to the Alien Party room...
Kasumi, Kumi, Yuri, Miyu and an older lady play cards together.
Yuri: you have any threes?
Kumi: Go fish!
Yuri: Uh OK... *picks up a fishing rod and walks out of the room*
Kumi: Yuri! Not literally!
Kasumi lifts her sunglasses and peers out across the beach.
Kasumi *thinking*: Why is Yuri playing with a giant squid? Maybe I should go save her.... Uh-oh I think it just kidnapped Yuri....
Kasumi appears from Yellow Knife's stomach and surprises Kumi.
Yellow Knife Kasumi: Hey Kumi I know about your secret!
Kumi: *gasp* w-which one?
Yellow Knife Kasumi: The one about that giant stuffed panda you still cuddle with every night! what was his name again....
Kumi: You wouldn't dare tell Yuri and Kasumi about this!
Yellow Knife Kasumi: Ah but I already told Kasumi...and the panda bears name is Umasou!
Kumi: NNNNNOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kumi grips her stomach and mouth whilst throwing up.
After realizing Kumi ate the cafeteria's lunch special, she threw up because of the fact it was actually tuna casserol with bits of Alien eyeballs inside....gross!
During a dream sequence, Yuri floats in the air with her borg.
Do you want to learn how to fly? You don't need pixie dust! Just join the Elementary School 9 Alien Party! We'll guarantee you'll be able to get a symbyotic alien with wings and you'll fly in no time!
WARNING: effects include sadness, nausea, fusing, regeneration, sound waves being blasted at you, ambushes from out of nowhere and weird dream sequences. If the Alien Party isn't right for you, contact your Alien Party adviser immediately. We'll be sure to get the proper alien fused with you in no time......
In her classroom, a horrified Yuri looks towards the front of the room.
Yuri *thinking*: I can't believe Miyu posted those embarasing pictures of my 8th birthday party on the chalkboard! I'm so dead!
Kumi and Yuri, stand next to each other and look up at the Yellow Knife.
Kumi *thinking*: Man that is one HUGE alien! I wonder if it stole Yuri's Adkin's Diet Cookbook...
Yuri *thinking*: Why is it so yellow? Yellow always gives me seizures! It's so fat too... I think it stole my Adkin's Diet cookbook?
Kasumi and Kumi look up at a bulbous alien which has swollen to a great size. Yuri cowers on the floor.
Kasumi: Hey our cake is rising!
Kumi: OH NO! Yuri put in too much yeast!
Kasumi: Ooo it's getting all bubbly now.... Kumi: What did you-- *cake explodes*
Kumi grips her tranquiliser gun.
Kumi: YES I GOT THE ALIEN! No wait i accidentally hit Yuri....
Yuri, peers around a door whilst shouting.
Yuri: Mom don't forget to record my favourite T.V. show!
Yuri's mom: Don't you remember? They cancelled it!
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by Zucchini

An embarassed Yuri crouches over her desk.
I will not think of hentai doujin during class, I will not think of hentai doujin during class, I will not think of hentai doujin during class...
Yuri cries with the white fibres of her dead borg sprouting from her head.
I'll never use homemade shampoo recipes I got off the internet. Never again!!!
Miyu stands proudly in front of a beautiful sunset.
Congratulations, Miyu! You must be the first one EVER to notice the sun sets at night!
A collage of snapshots from the characters holiday.
And the biggest mystery of Alien 9: Who was the one taking these pictures??
Yuri looks terrified and cringes,
So then she goes, "NYA!" and just starts taking my clothes off. I felt like I was in some sort of poorly translated hentai!
Kumi looks shocked as tears pour down her face.
What is this... water leaking from my eyeballs? Aw sheesh, don't tell me I'm turning into Yuri!?!
Kumi calls her Mom.
No Mom, I'm fine! Pfft, what do you mean emotional scars? I happen to LIKE being choked by possessed naked friends, attacked by aliens bent on destroying us all, being put into a weird coma like state where everyone around me is gone... It's a day in the friggen park! :D
Yuri looks upset during recorder practice at school. A concerned Miyu watches her.
Miyu: She's had hiccups for the whole day now...
Yuri: Hic... *tweet* Hic... *tweet* Hic--
Teacher: Will you knock it off Yuri!?!
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by CCMars

Kumi and Kasumi run through the woods.
*cue Chariots of Fire theme music*
Kasumi stands and looks up at the tall and yellow plant-like stems with buds that surround her.
A hushed whisper in the distance: If you build it, he will come...
An emotional Yuri smiles.
Yuri: 'Arrested Development' is NOT being cancelled?! This is the happiest day of my life!
In her classroom, a horrified Yuri looks towards the front of the room.
Yuri is horror-stricken to find that her new teacher is Ronald McDonald
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by Jinshen

Kumi walks away from her dead father's memorial.
Picture of Kumi's dad: I wonder why I even audition for a role in this anime when I don't even appear for at least 30 seconds... AND I CAN'T EVEN SEE MY ENTIRE FACE!!
Kumi attacks the Yellow Knife with her borg's drills whilst Yuri cowers behind her.
Kumi: Die, Yellow Knife, Die!!! *starts drilling all over the Yellow Knife like crazy*
Yuri: Erm... Kumi? I think Kasumi is still in ther-
Kasumi (from inside the Yellow Knife): Ouch! Eek!
Kumi: Oops...
Kumi aims her tranquiliser gun at Yuri.
Yuri: No, Kumi! I'm not an alien!
Kumi: But I have to do something now or the Yellow Knife will swallow you up and turn you to one of them!
Yuri: For the last time, it will be Kasumi, and that'll only happen at the end of the third episode! Jeez, didn't you read the scripts?
Kumi is thrown backwards by the Yellow Knife's attack, her borg falls from her head.
Borg: I told you to glue me to your head!
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by Dreamland_Kris

Yuri cries.
Yuri: But, I don't want to go to therapy!
Kumi taps Yuri on the head.
Kumi: Yuck, my knuckles are all dirty.
Yuri: Thanks for infor--EW!!! KUMI!!
During a dream sequence, Yuri looks up at the sky.
Kumi, come back!! Don't tell me you've turned into Mary Poppins too!?
Yuri enters the Alien Storage room.
Yuri: I'm in alien he--
Borg: Yuri, you can't swear!
Yuri: No fair... Teacher can swear.
Borg: -_-;
Kasumi looks up at the Yellow Knife and smiles.
Dreamland_Kris' younger brother: Kasumi why are you infatuated with an alien that's so ugly and is gonna--
Kumi: Hey, how did you get in here?
During the train journey to their holiday, Kasumi and Kumi look at each other and smile.
Miyu: *choking on food*
Kumi: Your diabolical plan is working Kasumi!
Kasumi: Nya!
Kumi: I'll never doubt you again *evil chuckle* Soon Yuri will be mine.
In the woods, a scared Yuri holds Kumi. Kasumi stands nearby and watches.
Kasumi: How come Yuri gets all the action? I'm not helping Kumi with her plan anymore.
In the rain, Kumi hugs Yuri.
Kumi: Hehe, Yuri is all mine.
Dressed in kimonos, Kasumi and Kumi sit next to each other at a festival. Kumi looks up into the air whilst Kasumi stares intently at her.
Kasumi: So, the plan worked, where's my pay>
Kumi: ...what pay?
A close-up of a smiling Kumi during a dream sequence.
During the haunted woods task, Yuri faces a floating head.
Yuri: W-who are you?
Thing: I am your conscience, Yuri.
Yuri: *runs away screaming*
From the opening sequence, Yuri stands whilst her borg spreads its wings and drills.
Yuri (offscreen): Hey, no fair... Why do you guys get to be in cool poses and I don't?
The Alien Party team sit in the changing rooms and let their aliens lick their backs.
Yuri's Borg: Ugh..I can't believe Mr.Tomizawa has us eating this stuff... >:P
Kasumi's Borg: Yeah. I'd much rather have a milkshake, or some pasta. Yummy! ^_^
Yuri's Borg: Now that's what I'm talking about! *cheers*
Kumi's Borg: Come on guys, just try to bear it. -.-; We can go out to eat after we do this scene.
Kumi: Yeah.
Kasumi: Nya! ^_^
Yuri: ..*whimper*
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by Julia

Megumi hands back Yuri's borg. Yuri looks dissapointed.
Megumi: Ms. Otani: Please don't kill this one.
Yuri: *At my old school, we didn't have to wear borgs.*
(Magic School Bus refrence).
Kasumi, Kumi and Yuri stand together.
*Kumi, Yuri, and Kasumi strike a pose*
Mew Mew Style, Mew Mew Grace, Mew Mew Power in your face!!!
During the haunted woods task a giant head lands on top of Yuri.
Yuri: Gaaahhh!!!! Sweet heavens!!!! It's trying to FUSE with me!!!
Kasumi forms her hair into Yellow Knife spirals and attacks.
......*radio static*...........*Rebirth music* Sometimes I wonder, If this body is full of joy or sadness...
Kasumi: No way!! I can pick up radio waves to!? Now I can listen to music any time I want. Is there no end to the fun of being fused with a Yellow Knife?
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by Deepdeck

Whilst investigating the invisible Yellow Knife, Kumi appears to punch the air
I fly like a butterfly and sting like a bee!
In the woods, Yuri looks at Kumi after she just rapped her knuckles on her head.
Yuri: Kumi, your nail is dirty!
Kumi: Really?
During the haunted woods task, Yuri faces a floating head.
Yuri confronts The Big Giant Head.
Kumi, Kasumi and Miyu stand at Yuri's apartment doorway, dressed in their holiday clothes.
But not even in their wildest dreams could they have foreseen the tragedy that awaited them on their trip...
Director: (offscreen) Hey, cut that out!
Narrator voice: Sorry, can't resist...
(Azumanga Daioh reference).
Chisa's drill-like hair stands up in multiple directions.
What you get when you listen to Bob Marley's album for three whole days straight.
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by Dragon2911

Kumi looks down angrily.
Kumi *thinking*: What's that? An Alien 9 hentai doujinshi? Can't remember doing that stuff...
After the Yellow Knife attack, a confused Megumi lies on the floor with her drill-like hair sprawled around her. Chisa stands beside her.
Megumi: What a night. I can't remember anything, but now I have cool dreadlocks. By the way, Chisa, I can see your panty.
Kasumi flies through the air in front of the moon.
Frank Sinatra sings: Fly me to the moon, and let me play amongst the stars...
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