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Manga Details

Looking for information on the individual manga books? Click here. Yuri with her borg going out of control, spreading its wings and drills. The Alien Party riding a fast boat to their holiday destination. Kumi and Kasumi look excited whilst Yuri looks nervous and holds on tight.
Number of volumes:
4 overall. 3 main novels and an additional book released later
Hitoshi Tomizawa
First Released:
1998 - 1999
Final Book Release:
Official Websites:
Central Park Media's Alien 9 Section
The manga was the first component of Alien Nine to be released. It began its life within Akita Shoten's Young Champion magazine and ran for a couple of years, generating 3 volumes worth of content. It chronicles the story of the three girls from their first experiences in the Alien Party right up to their final months at school. It is also required to read the manga to really know what happens at the end of the anime as the books go much further than the animated series. Overall the manga goes into greater depth and detail and solves many mysteries that the anime series did not cover. Later a sequel book was released called Alien Nine Emulators which showed what the girls got up to after joining their new junior high school later in life. Yes more alien fighting, much to their surprise! This fourth book ties up a few mysteries but also presents a few new ones as the secret world of the alien invasion seems quite complex, overall however it does a good job of giving us a better idea of the aliens and wraps things up for the girls. It also features a flashback story dating back to their previous school and a few extra Alien 9 related comics towards the end.
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