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Anime Series Details

Looking for information on the anime DVDs? Click here. The three main characters: Kasumi, Kumi and Yuri. The Alien Party battling an alien similar to a centipede.
OVA (short, straight to video release)
Total Episodes:
First Released:
Official Websites:
Central Park Media's Alien 9 Section
J.C. Staff's Alien 9 Section
General Running Time:
28-30 minutes
The anime series is quite a faithful adaptation of the manga books, although it does leave out a fair bit from the earlier sections which is to be expected. The more 'fun' parts of the manga were expanded upon for the animated series. As a result the section where the main characters go on holiday has more detail in their activities which is mostly summed up by 4 illustrations in the book. Overall the anime does a fantastic job of translating the manga to screen. The production and music was extremely fitting. The anime is a must to see but unfortunately it does not cover the whole of the story for Alien Nine. The 4 episodes only cover the first book of the manga and just under half of the second book, this has the unfortunate effect of ending the series with a cliffhanger. As far as I can remember there was a hint at continuing the series at first, however for some unknown reason these plans seemed to of died, I can not say how well the series did in Japan. But checking out the anime first is a good precursor to the enjoyable books.

Anime Promotions

In Japan various promotions were done for the anime series, mainly featuring the three voice actors cosplaying as the main characters they voiced. They attended special Alien 9 panels and events, signing autographs and even putting on a dance in full Alien Party gear! They also did various interviews regarding different aspects of the show, including the music in promotion of the CD releases.

Images from the Alien Nine Bonus DVD.

The following images are from the old official Japanese site before it died.

The trio greet fans in full Alien Party gear. The trio speak at an Alien Nine panel.

Alien Nine Dance Show

Click on a thumbnail image below to view the full image. Images from the Alien Nine Bonus DVD. If you're interested in seeing the show the Japanese bonus DVD contains a music video featuring the dance. The Store section has tips on purchasing it.

The girls actually performed this live stage show where they cosplayed as each of the main characters that they voiced and danced to the theme music "Flower Psychedelic"!

Kasumi's voice actor looks to the sky smiling whilst raising her hands in the air.
Shitaya Noriko strikes an energetic pose.
Close-up shot of the voice actor smiling with a microphone.
Kasumi's voice actor enjoying the routine.
Shimizu Kaori smiles during the routine connecting the fingertips of her hands together infront of her.
Kumi you're such a poser :)
The trio stand in a group with their backs to each other. Kumi's voice actor raises one hand up in the air and pretends to hold a microphone with the other. Yuri and Kasumi hold their arms up with wrists crossed.
The girls practise their dance routine.
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