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On Alien Wings - Part 3

  • By: Kita.
  • Rain Kita.
  • Nova Counterklock.
  • Don, Micheal, Raph, Leo, Splinter-sensei Mirage Studios.
  • Alien Nine Hitoshi Tomizawa.

Life, Death, and Rebirth

A watercolour illustration of Rain, a girl with blonde hair in a ponytail, who grips herself and spreads her wings. Lyrics from Tears of Pearls by Savage Garden decorate the multicoloured background. Art by kitaneeko.

Rain hit the wall hard, the wings of the helmet-like frog creature atop her head crippled from the confrontation of another beast.

Their opponent was a large, blubberous beast from who knows where. It lashed out at Rain once more with spiny tentacles. She cringed, expecting a blow as Nova dashed between them. Drills extended from the tips of the strange helmet-like frog creature's wings and pinned the beast to the opposite wall. Rain stood dusting herself off. "Thanks, Nova." She smiled. Nova grinned, elated that he was of use this time.

In the last two months, the pair had taken official residence in the large attic in the three-story school, been assimilated into the school programs and voted into the Alien Party for that year. Rain and Nova had been very excited to be permitted to attend the classes in the Elementary School, entering as sixth graders. The little winged girl took quickly to English and Creative Writing; the small turtle-esque found that the soccer team welcomed him after a brilliant display of his already trained reflexes. After the first two weeks, they had both become regular students, something that didn't seem plausible back home and even in this strange place, where the students appeared all human, aside from the off one who had an alien of some sort attached to his or her head or oddly colored eyes. It turned out that the Alien Party was a job of popularity and regarded as a high honor, especially if it's someone 'out of town' as the pair had been labeled. They were the only two candidates available, which, as they had been told, never happened before. They both were voted in and were given the traditional uniforms. A T-shirt with their assigned color stitched into the trim around the neck, sleeves, and the bottom, shorts in their assigned color and sneakers to protect their feet. They were also given a pair of the bizarre helmet-like frog creatures called 'Borgs' to wear and protect them as they fought and caught the various alien threats that plagued the school on nearly a daily basis. Amazingly, Nova's matched his blue-starred bandana that he wore perfectly.

"Alright, that's the last one!" Rain cheered, jumping slightly in her excitement. Nova's Borg retracted its drills and the beast slumped to the ground.

"Yeah, finally. What should we eat for dinner? "The small turtle-esque creature questioned, calling Hisakawa-sensei on the little communication device provided to them. "Okay, it's on the second floor, and it's out cold." He reported, pausing for an answer. "Alright, we'll wait right here." He assured, sitting down and putting the device away.

"Maybe we'll have some pizza." Rain smiled, sitting down slowly. Her smile weakened as she stared at her feet. "I miss Mom and Niichan. and Raph and Leo." She said miserably.
"I do too, Rain. It's alright." Nova assured, rubbing her shoulder.

"I wanna go home." Rain whimpered, burying her head in her knees. She sobbed and Nova hastily tried to get her to stop. Her Borg sighed, miserable as well. The alien seemed to have an empathic link with its host and it was quite obvious what they were feeling.

"Come on, Rain, don't cry. I promise I'll help find a way home for us. We'll get home soon, just you wait." He assured, placing his arms around the winged girl. "Come on, we can have some ramen or something. You don't like pizza, remember?" He offered. Rain looked up, smiling weakly. The small turtle-esque creature sighed in relief; the winged girl's strangest feature by far was that her tears crystallized into precious gems. When humans found this out, they often took advantage of her. The small turtle-esque creature had promised himself that he could not allow the winged girl to be taken advantage of whilst he was near her. It was just too sad to comprehend that such a close friend could be abused in such foul ways.

"Okay, let's have ramen then." The winged girl agreed, her voice quivering. She was pleased that Nova had remembered her distaste for pizza. She forced herself to eat it when everyone else had requested it, preferring to keep quiet and not bother the others, but it felt good to have someone think of her for once. She grinned genuinely. "And tomorrow, you can order us some pizza."

"Alright!" Nova cheered, tugging Rain to her feet. "There's Sensei, come on. Let's finish up and get some dinner."

Nova dropped his chopstick for the third time that meal.

Rain smiled at him and dished some more of the white grains of rice onto her plate from the large bowl in the center of the small table the pair had found in the attic. The small turtle-esque creature laughed hesitantly, rubbing the back of his head in embarrassment. "Well, pizza's a lot easier to eat." He chuckled, making the winged girl giggle.

"It is. I think your lack of fingers that makes it so difficult for you." She mused, staring at the rice for a moment. "How did we get here? And how will we ever get home?" She questioned, loosing a bit of her cheer.

"I don't know, but we'll find a way home, don't worry." The small turtle-esque creature smiled to reassure Rain and to hide his own doubts. The rest of the night passed all too slowly for the turtle-esque creature. He sighed heavily and stared up at the attic's ceiling, pondering over the question: How did they get there and how would they get home? Rain began to fall outside, as it had the night before they had come to this place. Nova sat up to look outside. "Weird. isn't it summer here?" He questioned to himself, watching the cement below change color with the falling water. "Maybe we'll get home because of this." The small turtle-esque creature said, his voice brimming with hope. With higher morale, he lied down and slept.

The morning came in a flash of lightning.

Rain had bolted upright in fear and the Borg that usually sat up on her head chattered and shuddered with his empathic abilities. Nova awoke with a start, looking around frantically to locate the origin of the thunderous clap that shook the entire attic. The winged girl cuddled closer to her friend, shaking. He attempted to provide comfort, but was at a loss. The best he could muster was to get her up and ready for school that day. The rain in the summer had been the focus of everyone's conversation, including the alien helmet-like creatures'.

"It's a bad omen, we should be extra cautious." Nova's Borg warned, his wings bristling with anxiety. "Rain does not come without warning."
"I do not understand. I thought the world needed rain to live." Rain questioned. "The sky is sad because the world is dry so it cries."
"This is not like your place of origin, little alien." The Borg atop the winged girl's head replied, he too was anxious about the coming tears of the sky. "Here the sky does not loose its tears unless something is direly wrong."

To make matters worse for the school, several violent alien creatures broke loose and terrorized the students, leaving Nova and Rain to capture them once again. The pair worked hard, soaked in the rain and exhausted from violent encounters with the creatures. As they caged the last one, a strike came from behind, running the winged girl through on a thick drill like the ones that the Borgs used in their own defense. She stood for a few moments, her Borg seeming to be in more pain than she, then fell to her knees. Nova stared in horror, unable to comprehend the events that played out before him. As thought returned to his mind, he formed rapid, confused questions. What? Didn't we just catch the last one? None of the creatures had this sort of attack. He turned to look at the monstrous beast that had just slain his companion. It was a many-legged creature with a wide mouth, twice as tall as Nova was at his full height. Its skin rippled with a disgusting twitch of its muscles. The drill was jerked back and Rain fell to the floor, spattering blood across the room. The creature slowly tilted its enormous head and looked Nova over as he quivered with the shock.

"Wake up." A familiar voice seemed so distant, but it snapped Nova to attention, giving him enough time to leap out of the way of a second drill. His Borg tensed and brandished its own drills.

"You're not alone and your friend isn't lost, so don't quit yet." The helmet-like creature growled. Nova nodded inconceivably, but prepared to fight just the same. If anything, he was ready to slay the creature that had hurt Rain, especially after he had promised himself that nothing would ever harm her again. He dodged another assault. The thing was sluggish; he could use that to his own advantage. The Borg released its drills, driving them deep into the creature. The small turtle-esque creature took its moment of agony to race under it, tearing through its flesh with the helmet-creature's drills and crippling it. Black blood poured onto him and he was sick on the floor. The creature, not ready to give up on its meal just yet, used its own drills to support itself and struck out with one, trying to cripple Nova, as the turtle-esque creature had crippled it. Nova's Borg jolted and took the blow and the small turtle-esque creature was thrown to the ground. "Kill it!" The alien creature atop his head hissed fervently. Nova panted as he tried to escape the drills of the strange creature. As his will and stamina ran thin, the creature collapsed, having bled itself to death. Nova slid down the wall, pulling the bloody mess of a helmet-like creature off his head, and wept.

Hisakawa-sensei tutted as she filled a large tank with a thick, lard-like substance.

"My, my, two dead Borgs and a slain student. What a rotten week. You don't need to worry, she'll be alright." She glanced over her shoulder at the small turtle-esque creature, who had failed to stop crying since the traumatic event. He watched with confusion as the little winged girl was placed into the tank. "She'll be an hour or so. The Cell Gel will fix her up just right." She assured, placing a hand on Nova's shoulder to console him. Nova didn't quite comprehend, as was obvious on his face. "The Cell Gel is a substance we've developed that rebuilds a human body and some forms of inhuman bodies. Your friend should be compatible enough so it won't even leave a scar." Hisakawa-sensei explained. The small turtle-esque creature didn't seem to be listening, so the teacher gave up and felt he would understand when he saw it for himself. She left him alone to watch Rain lay in the now bubbling substance. Several hours drifted by at an inhumanly rate and time seemed to stop at the most unbearable times for the small turtle-esque creature. At times the little winged girl would twitch, as if life still inhabited her body, although he was positive it did not. After the end of the fourth hour he jumped up, startled by Rain's sudden movement. The little winged girl opened her eyes and sat up on her elbows, wincing at a pain in her stomach.

"N.Nova?" She ventured, glancing around timidly. The small turtle-esque creature immediately came to her side. "What happened? Why are you covered in blood? Are you hurt? Are you alright?" In the trauma of the event, Nova had forgotten the mix of red and black blood splattered all over his small body. He clung to the side of the tank, the substance still bubbling inside it.

"I'm just happy you're alive."

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