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kitaneeko's Alien Fighter Fanfiction Introduction and Profiles

  1. Plot and Setting
  2. Alien Descriptions
  3. Character Profiles
  4. Uniforms

Plot Setting

Aliens have finally landed and are a common thing on Earth.

It's 2020 in Japan and the Drill Clan, a group of Borgs and their hosts, have established a program at a small Jr. High. This program, called the Alien Party, is meant to give Borgs, a helmet-like symbiotic alien, a host so it may survive. Many parents and teachers were opposed to the Alien Party. Fusing children, ages 11-15, with alienss seemed cruel. However, if a Borg attempted to fuse with a human at an age younger than 11, the host would most likely die, any older than 15 and the Borg could not fuse. The process in which an alien and its host combine body and/or mind to create a 'new' being defines this fusion. This 'new' being will have special abilities unique to the alien and host itself.

This story focuses on the process of training the host before fusion. The story will begin at the start of the year (September) at the Jr. High. The previous year students voted on who they wished to be in the Alien Party this year. The names have been chosen and they new members of the Alien Party are to report to room A26 on the first floor. You may choose to accept or decline, however, once you accept, there is no turning back. The Jr. High that the students are attending has three floors and a rooftop floor. The surrounding campus is paved with areas of potted plants. There is a garden area on the South side of the school. The school uniforms are blue and yellow sailor suits for the girls and blue blazers with yellow ties and pants, not jeans, for the boys.

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The Aliens


Borgs look similar to a frog and a bicycle helmet with wings. They are intelligent creatures, capable of thought, emotion, and speech and the have their own unique personalities. They come in many colors and styles. Some have stripes; others have bumps or spikes, etc. Their wings are their main weapon. Normally, they are no bigger than the Borg's body, which fits snugly on the host's head, however, when the host is in danger, the wings can extend to form a protective barrier between the host and his/her assailant. The secondary part to this barrier is that the drill-like tendrils that extend from the tips of their wings can lengthen and retract when needed to assert violence or added protection. Hence the name 'Drill Clan'. Borgs are solely dependant on their hosts since they feed on sweat. The Borgs that fuse are male and female Borgs can be used to separate a Borg and his host. Inside the Borg's mouth is, believe it or not, hair. During fusion, the skin of the Borg peels back to reveal this hair. It may or may not match the host's original hair color, but it is often very long, and for good reason. This hair twists itself, or more like the Borg makes it twist, into the drills that were seen previously on the wings. Sorry to get all of your hopes up, but Borgs can't fly.

Yellow Knives

Yellow Knives have a clan of their own. They are gigantic, blubberous creatures that look somewhat like fat, featherless ducks. They too are symbiotic alienss, however, instead of one life-long host, Yellow Knives are capable of fusing with multiple hosts at once because of their size. To fuse, the Yellow Knife will call out to several people, preferably ones who have lost someone or something close to them. Then, they will congregate to the Yellow Knife, which will swallow them, placing them in a chamber within the Yellow Knife's body. Over the next 24 hours, the host(s) will fuse mentally with the Yellow Knife, much unlike the physical fusion of Borgs where the two minds remain separate. Incomplete fusion may lead to insanity and/or death. After the fusion period, the side of the Yellow Knife splits open and the host(s) exit while the body of the Yellow Knife dies. The host(s) will have now gained mental capabilities such as ESP. Their hair can also twist into antennae on its own accord and emit a high frequency wave that may cause nosebleeds, dizziness, migraines, and even loss of consciousness to the surrounding creatures.


These alienss, next to Aggressors, are possibly the most dangerous alien to fuse with. They never leave the top of the host's head however; they take complete control over the host. They look like flowers, turtles, or sun hats, depending how you look at them. Like the Borgs, they come in an array of colors and have specific personalities, even though they are extremely aggressive and known to kill indiscriminately. Their weapon is a hair-like string that comes from their necks. It wraps around and object and when pulled tightly, can sever straight through it.


An Aggressor it the most violent and dangerous alien with the ability to fuse with a host. It's like a super-Borg- a large creature with long legs and thousands or the same drill-like tendrils that Borgs have. An Aggressor will sit on top of a host's head and support it's own weight with it's legs. Along it's back it has several pairs of wings and from its mouth it can produce the drill-like tendrils from the same hair-like substance the Borgs use in fusion. It too will fuse in the same way a Borg will, however, the host has little to no control over an Aggressor's actions.

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The Characters

Nomimono Yukimura

  • Nickname of choice: Nomi.
  • Gender: Female.
  • Age: 12.
  • Height: 4'5.
  • Weight: 101lbs.
  • Hair color: Blonde.
  • Hair length: Mid-back.
  • Hair style: tied back with a ribbon.
  • Eye color: Bright green.
  • Wears: Long summer dresses, usually light blue. She often wears her gym clothes (Blue and Yellow sweats) when just hanging out at her house.
  • Alien Party Uniform color: Green.
  • Status: New to Alien Party.
  • Personality: Happy-go-lucky, really out-going and tries to be friends with everybody.
  • Strengths: A good leader, is good with small children, has had many different experiences and uses what she learned from them to tackle obstacles.
  • Weaknesses: Never quite learned to swim, afraid of being alone, has a mild case of hemophilia (she takes meds for it), can't stand riding in cars or on trains.
  • Family: Elder sister.
  • Background: Her father made it rich by inventing a hover board and a sport to go along with it. It caught on quickly and soon there were national teams. Nomi was able to enroll in many extra curricular activities like kickboxing, kendo, soccer, and piano lessons. Nomi's family also moved into a gigantic apartment close to the school. Soon afterwards, Nomi's parents and younger brother got into a car late at night and were struck by another driver. They died instantly. Since then, Nomimono has been terrified by the thought of being in a vehicle.
  • Specific Requests: Yellow Knife fusion.

Nomimono Yukimura's Borg

  • Name: Romeo.
  • Style: Two-toned, striped.
  • Color: Green.
  • Eye color/style: Black/soft and caring.
  • Personality: Romeo's observant and caring. He's also very possessive over Nomi, but what symbiotic alien wouldn't be?.

Yuki Kitazawa

  • Nickname of choice: Yuki.
  • Gender: Male.
  • Age: 12.
  • Height: 4'1.
  • Weight: 110lbs.
  • Hair color: Brown.
  • Hair length: Short, just past his ears.
  • Hair style: Slightly spiked.
  • Eye color: Bright blue.
  • Wears: Usually loose-fitting jeans and a t-shirt with some sneakers.
  • Alien Party Uniform color: Dark Blue
  • Status: New to Alien Party.
  • Personality: He's shy and smart and knows how to talk to people. He's also often ignorant of other people's feelings, even when it seems quite obvious.
  • Strengths: Yuki really smart and thinks things through before he acts.
  • Weaknesses: Yuki has microphobia and is hesitant about touching anything, let alone having an alien stuck on his head. He also has a massive sister-complex.
  • Family: Mother, Father, Elder Sister.
  • Background: His elder sister, Haizuki, was part of the first Alien Party. She graduated a year before Yuki entered Jr. High. Yuki wants to forever be close to his sister so he agreed to take part in the Alien Party.
  • Specific Requests: Borg Fusion only.

Yuki Kitazawa's Borg

  • Name: None.
  • Style: Small bumps.
  • Color: Dark Blue.
  • Eye color/style: Black/impassive.
  • Personality: He gets annoyed with Yuki's obsession with germs very easily, though he only has his host's best intentions in mind.

Monami Ikishita

  • Nickname of choice: Nami.
  • Gender: Female.
  • Age: 16.
  • Height: 4'7.
  • Weight: 50kilos.
  • Blood Type: O.
  • Hair color: Dark brown, almost black.
  • Hair length: Waist.
  • Hair style: It twists in odd ways on its own accord.
  • Eye color: Unnaturally purple.
  • Wears: Usually just jeans and whatever the screen-T of the day is.
  • Alien Party Uniform color: Deep Purple.
  • Status: Symbiote (Borg).
  • Personality: Monami is a very energetic and competitive person, always up for a challenge.
  • Strengths: She's already fused with a Borg, slightly increasing her intelligence and her resistance to attack. She's also very perceptive.
  • Weaknesses: (Monami: Ha! I laugh at your foolish implications of weakness!!) Monami is a tad arrogant and acts before she thinks. She's also overly competitive.
  • Family: Mother, Father.
  • Background: Monami, like Haizuki, was part of the first Alien Party. Her mother and her father work all day and come home very late at night so, she's used to taking care of herself.
  • Specific Requests: N/A.

Monami Ikishita's Borg

Information unavailable at this time.

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Alien Party Uniforms

Spring - Summer
Large T-shirt with the class and grade on the front and name on the back, a color for the trim around the collar, edges of sleeves and the bottom of the shirt. Plus color shorts.
Fall - Winter
Heavy jacket with a color in the same places as the t-shirt. Plus color shorts. (During this time Alien Fighters need to be moving around a lot)
Traditional School Year
The school year is basically year-round. Summer vacation lasts one month in May and is in the middle of the school year. (Ex. You start in September, your summer vacation is in May and then you continue the grade you're in until you start the next grade in September again.)

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