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Essays and Interpretations

If you have an Alien 9 / Alien Nine related essay, interpretation, personal opinion or a certain perspective on the series that you'd like to share then let me know through the Contact page, thank you!

Alien 9 is an odd story. With its hyper cute surface visuals and abstract dark theme. Alien Nine certainly challenges how you view something, as the saying goes appearances can be decieiving. What exactly was Alien 9 about to you?

The anime itself is only one interpretation from all that is Alien 9, and as the producer said himself, the story can be interpreted many different ways. Alot of people say that when they first viewed it they thought What on earth is this about!?. Well in this section you can put exactly that! Did you see any common relations between characters, underlying themes or reasons behind seemingly strange incidents within the series?

For the original author's perspective on certain scene and character choices or their reasons for the violent themes then check out the first and second volume of the manga which includes an interview with Hitoshi Tomizawa. If you're interested in buying the books, DVDs, or anything else then you can find some places to purchase them in the Store section.

My Essays

My personal ramblings and insights into the series and its characters.

  1. Yuri Otani
  2. Kumi Kawamura
  3. Kasumi Tomine

Essays by Zucchini

Zucchini has very kindly donated these wonderfully written Alien Nine essays. These include insights and thoughts on the series, giving their personal perspective on the series as a whole and its individual characters.

Author's Websites:

I love Alien 9, because you really feel for all the characters.

You feel Kasumi's loneliness, you wanted to cry when Kumi cried for her dad and mom, and shivers were sent down your spine at that last wail Yuri busted out at the end. If you're a true Alien 9 fan. please read some of these things that I'm sayin' cause they basically explain everything that happened...
  1. Introduction and Series Wrap-Up
  2. Yuri Otani
  3. Kumi Kawamura
  4. Kasumi Tomine

If you have any questions at all about Alien 9, or want any Alien 9 discussions please comment on my blog. >:D I like talking about Alien 9. >:D Nyaaaaa.

Essay by Kat

One Alien 9 essay that became very famous (and inspired me to write my own) was Kat's from Kat and Neko Manga. It made people really think about what their own perspective was on the series.

Author's Website:

When I first started to watch Alien 9 I didn't know what I was getting into.

The opening made me think it was going to be another silly cute Anime about children chasing aliens, but before I even got ten minutes into the first part, I knew it was much more. I wasn't sure what until much later but felt drawn into the show like nothing else....

Check out Kat's Alien 9 essay

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