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Music Videos

Here are various music videos by fans of the show. Please wait a moment for the video to load up (between 1 to 10 seconds is the usual but may depend on your connection). Also the video must be paused, stopped or of ended before the window can be closed.

There are potentially spoilers in these videos.

Parody Videos


Opening and Ending

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Melancholy of Haruhi Suzimiya crossover

It actually is a pretty good fit! :D

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Alien Nine / Alien 9 Music Videos

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Nico Nico Douga

There are a few music videos on this site as well as a promotional video of the Japanese voice actors cosplaying the main characters. This is a Japanese video sharing site with a highly social aspect as people can add comments onto the video screen in time with the footage (this can be disabled using the little speech bubble icon under the video). You have to have an account to view the videos but it is easy to sign up. Read the following websites to learn more about the site and how to sign up:

After you have registered, use this link to search for Alien 9 videos.

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Other Sites

You Are Not Alone (Kumi)

Watch the Video
You Are Not Alone by Michael Jackson
Made by:
Kathryn Williams
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Videos with Alien 9 Content


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Song Ideas

Suggestions sent in of songs that might match Alien Nine.

  • Tatu - All About Us - Friendship of the Alien Party team.
  • Evanescence - Missing - Kumi's relationship with her mother (and missing/dead father).
  • Evanescence - Whisper - Yuri's fears.
  • Evanescence - Bring Me To Life - Possessed Kasumi.
  • Evanescence - Taking Over Me - Kasumi's loss of her brother and the Yellow Knife.
  • Foo Fighters - Next Year - Happier moments of Alien 9.
  • Talk About Your Life - Mike Oldfield - Kumi and Yuri getting to know each other.
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