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Alien 9 / Alien Nine Unofficial Website Layout Archive

Here you can see past or current layouts I created for this website.

Main Website Layouts

The second layout for the main site, with content in a central column and silhouettes of the characters either side.
May 2004 - June 2008

I simplified the layout for this version as I wanted something that would last longer and be more simple to update. As well as to make it all easier on the eyes. Therefore the overall layout is fairly plain with a blue background and some stylised silhouettes of the main characters from the books. As the years rolled by however it got a bit tired.

The first layout for the main Alien 9 site, with content on the left and an image of the three main characters on the right.
December 2003 - May 2004

Here is the first layout. I used images from Anime Project Alliance and We-Love-Anime within the layout. It suffered from too much symetry with the colours (in other words, all red and white). I had to try and tone down the size of the image by quite a large amount, but as I didn't want the image to look too damaged I didn't go too small... Also it was pretty hard to get an effect onto this layout that fitted without making everything look a mess, so it took quite a bit of editing and re-arranging. I spent a lot of time on the content (and I believe there was quite a sufficient amount of content upon this release... the site got up to 50mb). Now if only I had learnt more of the use of CSS before finishing this design, things would of been easier when updating aspects...

Fanlisting Layouts

The Alien 9 fanlisting layout, with three vertical images of the three main characters as a large top banner and the content below. Dominantly red.
January 2004 - Present

It's a pretty simple layout but I like it because I think the images used work really well together (the text at the bottom of the top image says become part of the alien party). This was my first ever attempt at a fanlisting so I spent more time on the content, which honestly gave me a lot of difficulty in certain aspects of the code. But I was glad when it was all done.

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