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On Alien Wings - Part 4

  • By: Kita.
  • Rain Kita.
  • Nova Counterklock.
  • Don, Micheal, Raph, Leo, Splinter-sensei Mirage Studios.
  • Alien Nine Hitoshi Tomizawa.

Going Back

Nothing happened in the next four weeks.

Nova coped with the fact that he had watched someone like a sister to him die and that he slaughtered a creature while Rain recovered from her wounds. The Cell Gel was able to repair the damage enough to bring her back from the edge of death, but she wasn't compatible enough with it, for it had left a large scab that reopened from time to time. She spent a majority of her time lying down on the mats they used as beds, whimpering. The pair spent most of their day talking about what happened and mourning the fact that they had no idea as to how to return home, where at least they had a family to aid them. They had stopped attending classes and, since their Borgs had perished, they were no longer part of the Alien Party. Rain's day had been occupied with a nap, which she was still indulging in.

"Hey, c'mon, wake up." A voice came to her, drifting from what felt like far away. The little winged girl opened her eyes.

"Mm. Nova? What is it?" She questioned, but Nova was sound asleep as she had been just a few moments before. "Strange." Rain blinked, sitting up. She deliberately ignored her pain and forced herself to her feet. She ventured to the window and looked outside at the sunshine. It had stopped raining, but the air seemed tense still, as if something bad were still to happen. As she gazed outside, a rush of wind and light shattered through the window without warning. She shrieked and Nova opened his eyes just in time to black out.

Rain was the first to awaken this time.

She roused slowly and rubbed the spots out of her eyes from the bizarre light. "What happened?" She wondered aloud. The little winged girl started at an embrace that was all too familiar. "Mom?" She questioned.

"Where have you two been?" Don questioned, releasing her from his hug. Upon examining her surroundings, she found she was home, her entire adoptive family standing about her, her wounds bandaged, and Nova lying on the opposite side of the couch, sleeping soundly.

"You two have been missing for over three months!" The most authoritative of the four siblings, whose name was shortened to 'Leo', scolded. "We found you out cold in the middle of the park."
"I. I don't know. Somewhere strange." Rain said slowly. Nova stirred at Leo's voice, obviously not fond of the sound and tone.
"You have a through and through wound in your stomach, Rain, it's a miracle you didn't die."

"I did." She responded simply. "Hisakawa-sensei brought me back and Nova killed the thing that attacked me. We're not sure how we got to where we were and how we got back, but we're home." She smiled, not caring about anything else. Nova sat up, rubbing his eyes.

"What's going on?" He questioned, annoyed at his rude awakening. "Are we home yet?"
"Yeah, kiddo, you're home."
Three characters stand side-by-side and enjoy plushies of the Ninja Mutant Turtles. Rain, a small winged girl with blonde hair in a ponytail, hugs a Donatello plush toy and looks up at the other characters. Ichigo, a girl with pink hair in two ponytails, plays with a Michelangelo toy. Alex, a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle with a white bandanna, smiles whilst a Raphael plushie lies down on top of his head. Art by kitaneeko.

The End

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