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On Alien Wings - Part 1

  • By: Kita.
  • Rain Kita.
  • Nova Counterklock.
  • Don, Micheal, Raph, Leo, Splinter-sensei Mirage Studios.
  • Alien Nine Hitoshi Tomizawa.

Struck by an Angel

Rain blinked drowsily as the sky cried down upon three figures.

Rain, a twelve-year old girl of blonde hair and crystalline eyes, smiled at the other two figures, who were waiting for another to meet them. She clung to the tallest of the trio, one she often called 'Mom'. He wasn't truly her mother, especially since he was not female. He was simply the mere equivalent to the innocent girl. He was not human and, as one would expect, neither was she. She was a creature from another world, whilst he was born and raised on Earth. Well, not quite. born. He was the product of an accident, but that is yet another story. After a series of confusing and astounding events, Rain came into the care of this sixteen-year old misfit and his three blood siblings. He had grown quite fond of the little creature over time, now used to her nickname for him. The rain from the sky continued to fall. It soaked the jackets of the three figures, for they hadn't thought of an umbrella before leaving for the movie they had just stepped out of. The overhang was much too crowded for the three of them to stand comfortably in the dry area, so close to real humans. Rain fidgeted, her over-sized coat was crushing something she needed to keep hidden against her back. She was not human, but she appeared it. All except for the angelic wings that sprouted from her back. These were at least small, easy to cover and inconspicuous if she was careful, but she had spent the last two hours with her back against a chair and her wings were getting restless. As was the smallest of the trio, Nova, a small turtle-esque being of nearly the equivalent of Rain's age, tugged at the eldest' coat impatiently. The eldest of the trio was too a turtle-esque creature, but they were not necessarily related, though one would assume siblingship between the two. Nova was a creation of a cruel human creature and had been taken in by the same brothers who had accommodated Rain as well. Rain had become close with the small turtle-esque creature, and quite fond of him as a younger brother.

Rain, a small girl with blonde hair in a ponytail, yells 'Mom!' leaps to hug Donatello, a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle with a purple bandanna. Don looks embarassed and quietly says 'Help...'. Art by kitaneeko.

The far away land Rain had come from was unknown to the trio, not that it mattered to them where she had come from. The same cruel human creature who had created young Nova had kept her captive for quite some time as well, which had suppressed any memories of her previous home. She was content to live with the four brothers, their father, who was not really their father, and young Nova, and this is how it remained. For a while at the very least. For something wasn't quite right with the world when the eldest's brother had failed to pick them up. They weren't surprised at the time; the one to volunteer to pick them up was most definitely the one to most likely forget. It was cold, and the sky's tears were falling heavier. The eldest, whose name had been shortened to 'Don' (which caused Rain's initial mistake of calling him 'Mom') sighed.

"Let's go, we'll probably get there walking faster than Mikey can remember." He stated. Mikey was the shortened name of the one to drive them home. Rain was also quite fond of him, as was Nova. He was the 'fun' one. The one who preferred to play than to work, and that's how the children preferred their lives to be as well. At least in small doses. His three siblings had found him quite a nuisance on more than one occasion.

"Mom, why is the sky crying again?" Rain questioned. Don constantly had to answer such questions, for she was from a far away place. Things like this didn't exist for her; and even if they did, she didn't remember them.

"It's called rain, like you are." He began, having answered this question once before. He didn't mind, however. He was, after all, the most intelligent and book-wise of his siblings and he felt proud that what Rain knew he had taught her. "The sky isn't crying, the water is condensing and getting to heavy to stay up there." He explained simply, as if it were common knowledge to twelve-year old creatures from far away places. Rain had trouble comprehending that her name was the same as what humans called heavy water that falls down. She was prone to accident and she was used to beatings. The cruel human creature had made sure of that. However, heavy water that fell from the sky hardly described herself.

"Without rain, there's no rainbows!" Nova chirped in, inserting his input for fear of being ignored during a long explanation.
"That's right, Nova. So don't go away, Rain." Don smiled slightly.
"Okay, I won't, Mom." Rain promised. But that wasn't entirely true.

The rain had stopped by the next day, leaving the congregation of large metal boxes the five turtle-esque creatures, their rodentile father, and the little winged girl called home refreshed and bright.

The congregation of metal boxes, often referred to by the humans as 'New York City', seemed much less bleak now that the sky had forgotten its sorrow and allowed the sun to return. The sidewalks smelt of wet earth. Rain enjoyed this time of day and this strange effect of the heavy water from the sky. The morning was cold. The little winged girl's breath crystallized in the air as she led the way down the street. Everyone was on their way to work. The humans bustled along in their cars and on their two sturdy feet, with umbrellas drawn in fear of a sudden outburst of furious sorrow from the sky to ruin their suits or bags. No one noticed the pair of hooded figures rushing down the street, their shoes slapping against the pavement. Clad in hooded sweatshirts, over-sized jeans and sneakers to hide what they looked like, they ducked away from the humans around them. Nova panted behind the exhilarated Rain, who rushed ahead of him to the park. They would be in trouble later for disappearing, but it was worth it to play when no one was there to judge what one would look like. The Monday morning shone brightly down on the slides and swing-sets, making it all the more appealing to the pair. They began to play, running, tagging, sliding, swinging, jumping, falling, crying, laughing, tagging again and the cycle continued, though with much more laughing and less crying. They panted as they took a break, several hours into their play.

"Wh-what are we going to play next?" Nova panted heavily, lying in the semi-muddy grass on his stomach. Rain giggled, unsure of what to do now. She shrugged, lying on her back.
"I'm tired, let's rest." She offered. They lay still, catching their breath and pondering the rest of the day's activities, as well as the punishment to come from sneaking out like they had. The thought made them laugh, however. They had never been able to be successfully 'grounded' for more than a few hours.

A bizarre noise forced the two up from their resting-places. It was as if some person was attempting to drill through the mud with a power tool. It confused the pair greatly and encouraged them to search for the disturbance. Finding nothing nearby, but both distinctly hearing the annoying ruckus, they broadened their search, sticking near each other's side in fear of encountering an imaginary beast or an already encountered danger. Living with turtle-esque creatures had gotten them into many dangers already, but that is a story for another time. They crept to the source of the noise, the air tensing as they neared it. A small metallic thing poked out of the mud before them. Rain approached it from an angle, afraid it may move in an unexpected way. Nova hung back just in case. She touched the thing, which appeared to be a pointed drill-tip. She had see many of them back with Don, who was often one to repair or build a mechanical object or two; when he had the time. The drill-like thing twitched at her touch and twisted, coming up further out of the ground to touch her finger back. Rain started and then was aware that the drill didn't pierce her finger as she had expected it to do. On the contrary, it seemed to wish to avoid harming her. She called Nova over to her but he timidly shook his head.

"Rain, come back over here!" He wailed, afraid that the drill-thing may harm her.
"It's okay, it likes me. Lookit, Nova!" She smiled as it wrapped around her finger affectionately. "It's kind of cute." She giggled euphorically. Nova approached, wary of his surroundings.
"What if it eats you?" He whimpered. "I don't want to have to save you." He added, trying to sound authoritative and heroic. Rain shook her head.
"Nothing bad'll happen, silly." She assured. Her words were ironically drowned out by thousands of drill-like things springing from the ground and enveloping the two. Their screams were inaudible over the metal scraping against itself, which was inaudible over the dilapidated old building being demolished down the street.

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