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On Alien Wings - Part 2

  • By: Kita.
  • Rain Kita.
  • Nova Counterklock.
  • Don, Micheal, Raph, Leo, Splinter-sensei Mirage Studios.
  • Alien Nine Hitoshi Tomizawa.

Drill Clan

Nova's consciousness dripped back to him slowly.

Rain, a small winged girl with blonde hair, looks up. Art by kitaneeko.

The small turtle-esque creature was only aware that he was lying on the ground. The blades of grass beneath him were distinct but blurry to his touch. As several more minutes passed and his consciousness pooled in his mind, he chanced opening his eyes. Rain lay next to him, still and quiet. Worry rushed through his veins with adrenaline and was soon put to rest with the steady rise and fall of her chest. He sighed in relief and looked her over. Her clothes were torn and he assumed his were too. Not that it mattered to him that his sweatshirt was ruined; he and his adoptive turtle-esque siblings never wore much clothing anyway. They had found no need for it. The ground felt strange, as if something were wrong with it. Nova couldn't quite comprehend how dirt could feel alien in his semi-conscious state. It took him another twenty minutes to stand on shaky legs and look around at their situation. The pair had ended up, by some unknown reason, before a large building. It had two stories and appeared to have a roof floor as well. It was the only large construct within visible range, aside from what appeared to be a warehouse on the eastern side and a bizarre satellite sticking up over the other side of the building. Trees greeted the turtle-esque's gaze as he turned to see what else was around. "This is it? Weird... and it's not home. I don't recognize anything... Rain?" He knelt beside the winged girl, shaking her gently. After she did not stir, he lifted her off the ground. He realized it was dry, as if it hadn't rained for weeks. "We're definitely not home..." He whimpered, carrying Rain toward the building, praying that if there were humans inside, that they wouldn't judge him and Rain and would provide some sort of assistance. He had no such luck.

The moment he walked into the building, three girls attacked them, sending Nova crashing into the ground and Rain into the wall. Cowering next to the winged girl, he looked up at the three assailants pleadingly. He was suddenly aware that they had strange frog-type helmets atop their heads. They muttered amongst themselves, as if contemplating the turtle-esque being's next move. "Please don't hurt us!" He wailed desperately. "Please! We haven't done anything to you!" The trio of assailants gave him an odd look. They glanced amongst themselves and nodded.

"You're not who we're looking for then." One of them stated. "We're supposed to catch an unintelligent alien for our graduation today. Sensei said it's somewhere loose in the school, so we thought it was you. Since you speak, you can't be it." She smiled, not making Nova any more comfortable. "Come on, we'll show you to Sensei's office. She'll figure you out and we can get back to work." She assured. The other two simply watched the other talk, seemingly uninterested in anything that wasn't finding the missing alien. It was a bizarre concept for Nova to comprehend.

"Bishop would like this place." He commented, gingerly lifting Rain off the floor, where she had lay, unresponsive. "Who's your sensei?" He questioned. He kept far from the trio, the strange helmets scaring him slightly.

"Hisakawa-sensei, of course. She's the Alien Party Director. She's pretty cool. She's in charge of giving us assignments. Pretty much, aliens get loose and we catch 'em; with the help of these guys of course." The one who had spoken before pointed up at the frog-helmet atop her head. Wings stretched from its back and it looked down at Nova and Rain with dull, bored eyes. Nova backed off some more as he recognized the metallic drills protruding from the tips of its wings.

"Those are the same drills that attacked us!" He cried defensively. The female, who appeared to be human, blinked.
"Ookaaay.. Do you two know what he's talking about?" She questioned of her friends. They shook their heads.
"We're not sure what you mean. Borgs don't generally attack if you're not worth attacking."
"That's right. We don't like fighting so much." The creature hissed. Nova was taken aback by it speaking and fell backward, dropping Rain. She stirred, but did not wake.
"I-I-It talked!" Nova yelped.
"Of course I did. did you think I was a filthy animal or something?" The creature huffed indignantly. "I'm quite insulted."
"Oh, hush you. Are you alright? Generally, people don't freak out when Borgs talk to them. They're pretty common around here, y'know." The female laughed, helping Nova to his feet.
"I'm not freaking out." Nova protested, feeling as if his ego were in danger. He didn't like being laughed at either. The female's companions lifted Rain and started to carry her off toward the classroom.
"Okay, Hisakawa-sensei's right in here." She turned, opening the door. "Sensei!!" She bellowed. A young woman with chocolate brown hair stepped out of a back room.
"Did you catch it? That was faster than I thought." She questioned, smiling.
"Not quite, sensei. These guys are lost, can you help them out? You don't get to be the Alien Party Director if you can't fix everything just right." The female grinned. Hisakawa-sensei sighed slightly.

"I wish I could fix everything 'just right' but that's not how the world works, you know." She shook her head. "Hurry up or you three'll miss the graduation ceremony. If you miss it, you're stuck here for another year." She warned. The sensei glanced down at Rain and made a sympathetic face. "Oh my, looks like she took a header; lie her down there and get back to work." Hisakawa-sensei instructed, gesturing to as small bench against the wall. The pair obliged and the three girls with strange Borg-helmets left. Nova looked up at the strange woman, sticking close to Rain protectively. "Well, what's your name?" She questioned.

"N-nova. and this is Rain." The small turtle-esque creature responded, glancing down at the winged girl. "We're lost, I think."
"I would imagine so. Where are you from?" Hisakawa-sensei questioned, sitting down behind her desk in the small office.
"New York." Nova replied automatically. He took a couple moments and took a seat in a chair next to Rain.
"New York?" Hisakawa-sensei repeated, thinking hard. "I've never heard of it, is it far?" She asked. She appeared friendly enough and Nova felt that he needn't be too defensive around her.
"I think so. If you've never heard of it, at least.. Where are we?" Nova asked. Rain stirred, opening her eyes slightly.
"You're in Elementary School Nine of Thirteen." Hisakawa-sensei said, as if it made sense to the small turtle-esque creature. The winged girl sat up, glancing around her surroundings.
"Where? What? Nova, who is that?" She asked, clinging to the only familiar thing near herself.
"That's Hisakawa-sensei, or so I've been told." He explained quickly. "I'll tell you later, okay?" He promised.
"Well, we have to find somewhere for you two to stay. I think the attic's unoccupied here. You may stay there until we find a more suitable home for you." Hisakawa-sensei said, standing. "Nova, Rain, welcome to the Drill Clan."

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