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If you're interested in buying collectibles, music, DVDs, books or anything else then you can find some places to purchase them in the Store section.

This section will later be expanded to include even more unofficial fan-made figures and other products from Japan.

Official Figures
Official figures
Unoffical Figures
Modifications of the official figures
Garage kits
Other kits and figures
Posable figures
Lego parodies
Alien Nine t-shirts
Telephone Cards
Alien Nine telephone cards
Posters / Pencilboards
Alien Nine Pencilboards or Posters
Other Alien Nine related items

Official Figures

Alien Nine Gashapon Figures

Unfortunately there was only one set of official figures ever released. These were a set of small gashapon / capsule figures which means they were only obtained using a machine that gives you a random figure for a small cost. In Japan these are pretty popular as people try and collect the whole set. They featured all of the three main girls from the anime series in both their ALien Party outfits complete with borgs and casual clothing.

Close-up shots of the three figures along with their names and product information.
This small leaflet is included with each figure.
Each of the figures are shown separately along with their names and other information in Japanese.
This is to show all the figures you can collect in the set.
Each figure in the set is shown with an illustration of the three girls together from the anime in the background.
The official advertisement for the collection.
The different parts which come with each figure: a plastic capsule egg, the figure in plastic wrapping (assembly required) and the leaflet.
Here is basically what you get with each figure. Poor Kumi, where is the rest of her body? :o Yes, some simple assembly required.

My photographs

I own this set of figures so here are some pictures that I took in the form of a short story (of sorts) :) The props or buildings do not come with the original figures. They are miniatures from Megahouse, Rement, Sylvanian Families and other places.

The Kumi figure in Alien Party clothes and borg stands infront of a door which is slightly open.
Kumi is sent to search an old abandoned section of the school, is it haunted she wonders?
The Kasumi figure in pink casual clothing stands next to a candy stand and grins at a small box of sweets.
The Alien 9 team hang out together outside of school and come across a candy stand.
Kasumi: "NYAAA!" (translation: I'm going to stuff myself full of yummy colourful drops!!)
The Kumi figure in blue casual clothing peers down at the candy stand and smiles at the selection on display.
Kumi: Ooh, I'll definitely have some lollipops
The Yuri figure in purple casual clothing stares at the candy stand.
Yuri: I... I... I can't decide
The Kumi and Kasumi figure stand either side of a miniature Hello Kitty gumball machine. Yuri is in the background.
An alien has escaped the school grounds and the Alien 9 Team have been told to patrol the local shoppng area.
Kasumi: A toy shop!! Let's get some gumballs!!
Kumi: Hm I suppose we could for a moment...
Yuri: Guys! What if an alien ambushes us? :(
Kasumi: NYA! (translaton: Gumballs yum)
All three figures stand by a miniature Disney capsule machine which has a tiny Stitch from Lola and Stitch figure on top.
Kasumi: Ooh a gashapon machine, I want to try!
Kumi: Kasumi, I think we've stopped here long enough
Yuri: Uh... are you sure that isn't a real alien...
All three figures stand by a miniature piano.
After a long hard day of alien searching, the team get together at Kasumi's house to relax.
Yuri: Wow, that piano is huge!
Kasumi: I can play anything on it!
Kumi: How about a rendition of Flower Psychedelic? That's gotta be tough!
Kasumi starts playing, the others watch in awe

Fan-made figures and garage kits

Over in Japan whole conventions are held displaying fan-made figures for various anime and manga series. A lot of these are done by very experienced figure makers and look very professional. Most of the time they are available for a limited time and only at these conventions although sometimes they will get picked up by official distributors.

Modifications of the official figures

A set of awesome modifications of the original Alien Party figures. Please note that these use themes from later in the manga and anime, so they are potentially spoilers.

The following figures were found on the Japanese Alien 9 Activity Website.

The Kasumi figure with spiral pigtails.
More information and images from the original source: Alien 9 Activity Kasumi Mod
The Kumi figure with a severed arm and drills extending from the wound.
More information and images from the original source: Alien 9 Activity Kumi Mod
The Yuri figure with an unusual alien attached to her head looks angry.
More information and images from the original source: Alien 9 Activity Yuri Mod

Alien Nine Garage Kits

A detailed figure of Yuri in a running pose dressed in her Alien Party outfit and wearing her borg which has spread its wings.
An impressive figure of Yuri.
A different angle of the garage kit with Yuri running and her borg's wings spread.
A close-up of the Yuri Otani garage kit.
This item is a fixed-pose resin-cast figure kit. It requires both cement and painting to complete or use. 43 parts. 30cm high when completed.
18,000 yen (About $153.20 USD; 127.28 Euros; 87.89 GBP)
August 2004
Artist's Website

Other Kits and Figures

The three main girls as figures all in their Alien Party outfits with borgs. Kasumi wears boxing gloves and Yuri holds a net.
A set of Alien Nine figures seen on Yahoo Japan Auction website by seller wildezaw

The following figures were found on this blog:

The three main girls as mini chibi figures in Alien Party outfits.
Super cute editions of the main characters!

The following figures were seen at the Japanese summer convention WonderFest 2006.

The three main girls in Alien Party outfits and their borgs pose together.
The dynamic trio ready for battle!
Two figures together. The Alien Party Advisor looking concerned stands next to Miyu who strikes a defiant pose pointing into the air.
Its nice to see figures of Ms. Hisakawa and Yuri's friend Miyu.
A figure of Miyu in a black swimsuit with tanned skin.
Miyu's obviously been enjoying the sun!

Posable figures

The following Alien Nine figures were found on the Japanese Alien 9 Activity Website.

These look to be posable figures in the making by someone. Shame they're not official considering the amazing detail...

Unpainted posable figure of Kasumi in her Alien Party outfit wearing boxing gloves.
Unpainted posable figure of Kumi in her Alien Party outfit.
Unpainted posable figure of Yuri in her Alien Party outfit.
Back of the unpainted posable figure of Yuri in her Alien Party outfit. Her arms have been moved inwards to show the posable aspect.

Lego Parodies

The following nifty Alien Nine legos were found on the Japanese Alien 9 Activity Website.

Lego versions of Kasumi, Kumi and Yuri stand together complete with Alien Party outfits and borgs. Kumi carries a gun, Yuri looks worried and Kasumi appears to be carrying an axe. Behind them text reads: Milk Child Club. Congratulations! 5000 hits!
The gang as legos! I think Yuri is right to look worried, is Kasumi carrying an axe...?
A lego version of Yuri with her borg and Alien Party outfit looks worriedly at a group of borgs just like her own in various sizes.
Woah! It's a borg invasion, just look at that huge one... You better get out of there Yuri!


These may or may not be official, they pop up on Japanese auction sites or other shops from time to time.

Black t-shirt with the three main girls in Alien Party outfits and their borgs rollerblading forwards on their way to catch aliens.
White t-shirt with a blue and green coloured image of the scene from the anime when Yuri's borg first kills an alien.

Telephone Cards

The three girls in Alien Party outfits and borgs stand together as aliens come down upon them.
3D packaging for the telephone card featuring a jagged border of silhouette aliens.
Yuri Otani and aliens falling in midair above the school.
Illustration of Yuri Otani looking scared and holding a hand out seemingly trying to stop an oncoming danger with a shiny border and lettering which spells her name.
Artwork of Kasumi Tomine dressed in a delicate white dress socks whilst wearing pink ribbons for her long pigtails as she glances behind her and smiles, whilst spreading her arms out and kicking a leg up backwards.
Illustration of Yuri Otani in a delicate white dress as she spreads her arms out and steps forward whilst smiling.
Kumi Kawamura faces front dressed in a delicate white dress. She smiles as she steps forwards with her arms spread out.

Pencilboards and Posters

Gymnastics Pencilboard (Front and Back)

The three girls in gym gear. Yuri attempts to jump over the backs of Kumi and Kasumi but fails.
The three girls in gym gear. Kasumi jumps easily over the backs of Kumi and Yuri. Yuri smiles.

Tricked! (Front and Back)

The three girls stand together in gym gear as if waiting for a photograph to be taken. Yuri smiles whilst Kumi and Kasumi look at her with plotting grins.
The three girls stand together in gym gear. Kumi and Kasumi smile at the viewer as they lift up Yuri's shirt to show her waist and shorts to her surprise.

Everyone Together

The three girls are in their Alien Party outfits and borgs. Yuri and Kasumi kneel either side a sign with Japanese writing that they are holding. Kumi and Megumi Hisakawa the teacher stand behind them bending down slightly. Kumi rests her hands on her hips whilst Megumi rests hers on her knees. All smile and look at the viewer.

Other Items

Alien Nine Calendar Page

Yuri and Miyu in swimsuits on the beach together and smiling. Yuri holds up a baseball bat with a smashed watermelon in the foreground, she holds a towel flapping in the wind with her other hand. A lighthouse can be seen in the background.

Yuri Character Pin

This pin came with some of the original Japanese releases of the series

A chibi version of Yuri in her Alien Party outfit and borg. Her eyes are black circles with white circles inside.
Wow! Those eyes o_o


Alien Nine Yuri Otani Magnet

This Alien Nine magnet was found on the Japanese Alien 9 Activity Website.

Multiple magnets of a chibi Yuri with strange eyes.
They're multiplying! I think those eyes are trying to hypnotise me...

Alien Nine Cosplay Outfits

Posted by kigurumi for sale at one time on Yahoo Auctions Japan.

An authentic looking replica of Kasumi's shirt on a hanger.
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