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Yuri Otani

I knew I wasn't going to like this.

Yuri in full Alien Party gear. Yuri smiles nervously.
6, Tsubaki Class (Camellia Class)
June 8, 2002
Blood Type:
Yuri Otani is not your average main character. As an average girl just trying to live a normal school life the last thing she would want is to be thrown to the forefront of a science fiction adventure. She has been forced into the Alien Party with seemingly no way out and generally finds aliens scary and disgusting. However inspired by her fellow team members she strives on and learns a lot about herself and her friends in the process. If Yuri is to survive she will have to pull through many occurances that emotionally pushes her to the limit and beyond. The odds are against her as more strange creatures appear and the team faces deadly challenges.
Teacher Summary:
Yuri Otani is the weak link of the group. Elected by her class, she never wanted to be a part of the Alien Party. Her parents are unsupportive, and she has a very low self-image, but she is sticking it out. Her newfound friends in the Alien Party are mostly encouraging. Yuri has potential, and there is no way that I'll allow myself to fail with any of my girls. Hopefully Yuri will rise to the task, keep calm and capture the Aliens properly without freaking out too much. I would hate for there to be a repeat of the incident last semester where... well, it may be best if I leave that horrible incident in the past.
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