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Miyu Tamaki

Hang in there, Yuri.

Miyu poses with with raised signing v. Kasumi with her usual smile.
6, Tsubaki Class (Camellia Class)
A close friend of Yuri, Miyu is often there to support Yuri when she needs someone to talk to about her horrid duties. Since she seems to often be cheerful and hopeful, she is a good friend to Yuri. She has her best interests at heart, and if Yuri is feeling down she'll try and cheer her up by inviting her out and showing her a good time to help her forget her troubles, at least for awhile. Miyu is playful and probably a bit mischievous and bold when she wants to be. Being forward means she'll probably say what's on her mind and is not afraid to have herself heard when she feels the need. She's also not afraid to stick up for Yuri and defends her. She obviously sees Yuri as a good friend also.
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