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Kumi Kawamura

We'll always be together, because we're friends.

Kumi stands sternly in full Alien Party gear. Kumi facing front with a neutral expression.
6, Fuji Class (Wisteria Class)
September 11, 2002
Blood Type:
Kumi is a born leader, she has strong sense of responsibility and will take on any task with determination. As a keen reader she has developed a sharp mind with a vast knowledge making her very wise for her age. Having been forced to take on responsible chores and various leadership roles throughout her life, she joiend the Alien Party to get away from it all. However it will soon prove to be far from the refreshing break she had hoped. Will her natural skills be enough to handle the mysterious events about to unfold?.
Teacher Summary:
Kumi Kawamura is the most independent of the group. She's quick and intelligent, and she's also a former class president. She has been elected class president every year since first grade and decided that being in the Alien Party would be less stressful than being president. To her, being in that position means that she is responsible for taking care of kids' problems and taking care of their responsibilities. What's more likely is that her independent nature has her assuming more tasks than are necessary. Her father died when she was only four years old and she's been quite a help to her mother since then. Her mother is a writer and Kumi helps her with word processing, editing and accounting.Kumi has been immersed in knowledge from a very young age and is the type that relies on her comprehension and scientific reasoning to solve problems.
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