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Monami Komai

I'm glad I'm not the only alien.

Monami grins and holds up a hand signing v.
3rd Year, Hinode Junior High
Monami Komai is a very experienced alien fighter who is also a fused symbiote. She has successfully fused with a borg that resides in her hair. She is a bit of a wild character and her borg reflects this in the way that you almost never see her hair looking straight. She is a third year student at the junior high school that Yuri, Kumi and Kasumi later join in the Alien Nine Emulators graphic novel / manga. As far as can be seen, she has been a part of the Alien Party for multiple years and has become quite comfortable in such a position, immediately taking it upon herself to enlist new fighters for the next year. Her prior experience makes her a formidable fighter who seems to have a clear mind during dangerous situations. She faces challenges head on and comes across as slightly aggressive and dominating. However she has everyones best interests at heart and strives to keep order for everyones safety. She takes her responsibilities very seriously and can be relied upon to help when things turn bad.
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