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Yuri's Borg

Why do you always sigh when you look at me?

Red and white borg.
Yuri's borg from the start is a bit unpredictable, possibly because Yuri doesn't quite know how to react to aliens or how to control her borg. A borg's instinct is to protect its host and so he often tries to finish tasks instead of his host which he is chided for as mothering Yuri but he also insults Yuri as being a baby. Borgs tap into their hosts emotions to try and identify the level of danger presented to them, as Yuri finds it difficult to control her emotions he often gets confused and lashes out indiscriminately. He is a bit of a sarcastic and cynical borg and this is only amplified by Yuri's depressed attitude toward him. He often seems to have his 'teeth' slightly bared (actually they're not teeth but fibres inside the borg but the lines of the fibres often appear to look like teeth), possibly because he's always under some kind of stress, so has to grit his teeth and bear it. Or maybe its just his way of being goofy.

Kumi's Borg

We'll be together until one of us dies

Blue and white borg.
Like Kumi, her borg is wise and confident. He is reliable and does as instructed quickly and effectively. In her time of need he is there to comfort Kumi with some gentle and wise words to encourage her. His appearance is always rather serious and this reflects the fact he simply gets on with any job asked of him.

Kasumi's Borg

Burberry weekend is your favourite, right?

Pink and white borg.
Kasumi's borg appears more feminine compared to the other two borgs, both in style and voice, although it is still stated to be male. This kind of shows that the borgs take on traits and personality quirks from their hosts. Overall Kasumi's borg doesn't say much throughout the series, because neither does Kasumi. Kasumi is in full control of her borg and so all he has to be concerned with is doing the job he was born for. Later when things start to get out of hand in the Alien Party he is under threat however. By what? Watch / read the series and find out!
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