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PostPosted: Sun Mar 20, 2005 4:42 pm 
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The rules are likely to be updated at a later date as the forum evolves, an announcement will be made if they are updated.

Thread Key:
  • General Rules
    Discussion of Alien 9 (Classroom Gossip) section-specific rules
    Creative Works (Chalkboard) section-specific rules
    Avatar & Signature Restrictions

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - e.g. Forum Ranks, Avatar Help etc.
General Rules

1) Please respect each other. Debate is welcome but no personal insults. No 'flaming' (blatant attacking). If someone has broken a rule or offended you, report them and let staff deal with it.
2) Keep things tidy. In most cases it is best if you Edit your already existing post in a thread, rather than double post. Please try to post in the correct forum section based on the descriptions.
3) Bumping. of old topics is allowed. Please understand that you will need to be patient when waiting for replies. If there is an old topic already talked for your subject feel free to post there, no matter how old it is.
6) Do not spam. Going off-topic is OK though. If the off-topic aspect of the thread becomes particularly long, the thread may be split by staff to the Off-Topic section, just so you know.
7) Do not flood. Flooding is when you repeatedly post content that offers no contribution to the forum in an effort to push all relevant topics/posts aside etc.
8) Be kind to new people. Post count and other statistics is not a measure of ability and should not be used as a form of judgement.
9) No explicit adult content (e.g. porn etc.) is allowed.

If you feel any forum section needs more of a description then please let me know in the Forum Suggestions section


Discussion of Alien 9 (Classroom Gossip Sections)

1) As said, debate is welcome, I expect that most people who decide to post here will be fans but even if someone isn't exactly a fan of Alien 9 and comes along to debate about negative aspects they saw in the series, let's all be civil about it. Attacking people with a different view won't help promote this series but will turn them away.


Creative Works (Chalkboard Sections)

1) When posting your own works, if you don't want any (constructive) criticism then please clearly state as such so that there isn't any confusion and therefore no room for offense.
2) When posting the works of other people please be sure that you credit the original creator of the work.
3) For those wishing to offer criticism to help improve the work of the artist/writer/creator then please be sure to make your advice constructive.


Avatar & Signature Restrictions

Avatars have a maximum limit in size of 100 x 100 pixels
Signatures have a maximum limit of 200 pixels high and no more than 600 pixels wide

Staff have the right to edit your signature and notify you if the signature takes up too much of the forum space.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1) How do I get a new rank?

Note: If you wish to find out for yourself please ignore this question
Note 2: Rank requirements may change as the forum evolves/grows, also please feel free to offer any suggestions for new ranks here: Forum Suggestions

Key: Rank Title - Total Posts Required

New Student - 0
Borg Wearer - 20
Alien Catcher - 60
Fused Hybrid - 200
Master Catcher - 500
Possessed - 700
Alien Party Advisor - 900
Alien Party Principal - 1000
Fused Borg - 1200
Symbiote - 1400
Ultimate Symbiote - 1700
Ninth Generation - 2000

2500+ - Custom Rank Of Your Choosing. Contact me through the main Alien 9 website when you have 2500 or above posts to claim your custom rank!

Alien Party Admin/Site Admin and Alien Party Moderator/Site Mod are reserved for staff only. Do not ask for these ranks.

2) How do I colour my text/get an avatar/add a signature etc.

Please check the standard forum FAQ first: here
There are quite a few default Alien 9 related avatars I added to choose from by simply going to your Profile and scrolling near the bottom to the Avatar section and selecting Show Gallery, then have fun choosing.

3) Can I upload an avatar I made/found to this forum?

No, sorry.
You can find places to host avatar images etc. here: Free Image Hosts

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