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Author:  Yuri'sAfraidOfStairs [ Sun Sep 25, 2011 12:51 am ]
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"Wha! Ryoma ran off!?...This can't be good, Ami we have to track Ryoma down!" Chisa said.

"I understand..." Ami said, rather grimly.

"I'm sorry,but you know how Ryoma is..."

"Yes, I know...Its alright."

Ami closed her eyes, and concentrating reopened them,only this time they were a burning crimson. Like the eyes of an animal, they glowed unnaturally bright almost like little lights.

"I'm ready, Aunty." Ami said, monotonely.

"Lets go then!" Chisa yelled.

So they ran out and got into the car, and drove off to search for Ryoma.

Author:  Draco Mutation [ Sun Sep 25, 2011 1:22 am ]
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"Ug, how long am I gonna be stuck like this?" Yuri groaned in frustration.

"Probably till Ami gets here :3 "

"How is she gonna-wait, your awake!?"

"Yuuup :3 "

"...Then can you get off me?"


"...Becouse this feels REALLY awkward,"

"I don't know what that means :3 "

"I'm getting a headache @~@ "

Author:  Yuri'sAfraidOfStairs [ Sun Sep 25, 2011 3:03 pm ]
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"Okay Aunty your gonna take a right, then merge into the left lane, take the north bridge and then circle back to building 501, I think he should be there...I'm not to sure, there's alot of chatter going on." Ami said, she was seriously close to scratching all her hair out.

"Calm down, Ami!" Chisa said worriedly.

They drove to the exact directions that Ami had said, drivng up to Yuri's apartment complex. Chisa recognized it because it was on the student adress form she had gotten this year. Ami quickly scrambled out of the car despite it not being in full park, and ran up to Yuri' apartment. She wondered ifshe should knock or just sneak in, but the latter would be illegal so she knocks.

Author:  Draco Mutation [ Sun Sep 25, 2011 4:55 pm ]
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Ryouma herd the knock, sprung to his feet and ran to the front door, and opened it.

"HI! XD "

Author:  Yuri'sAfraidOfStairs [ Sun Sep 25, 2011 7:15 pm ]
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"RYOMA! What are you doing here? Your mom must be worried sick, come on Aunty will drive us home....Don't go bothering people all willy nilly, its rude." Ami said monotonely.

She pulled him out, and yelled a quick apology, then led him toward the car.

Author:  Draco Mutation [ Sun Sep 25, 2011 7:52 pm ]
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Yuri blinked after having seen Ami and chisa drag Ryouma off.

"...What just happened?"

The next day Kumi is sitting in a classroom, working on something on her computer, and Kasumi popped up next to her.

"NYA!" Kasumi yelled, Kumi jumped in shock and glared at Kasumi.

"Kasumi, what?"

"You should of come to Akiho's sleepover last night, it was fun," Kasumi exclaimed happily, Ryouma wondered into the room, and walke over to Kumi and began sniffing her backpack.

"Get away from me freak!" Kumi yelled as Ryouma tried to open her backpack.

Author:  Yuri'sAfraidOfStairs [ Tue Oct 04, 2011 10:02 pm ]
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Ami walked into class though she had normal eyes once more.

as the bell rung, Sacchiko came running into her class, eating as usual.

"I'm not late!....Hu...Hu...Hu...ugh... I swallowed a gumball...Gack!" Sacchan said, coughing said gumball out.

"Just take your seat!" The teacher yelled.

"Alright....I'm fine!"

Sacchiko took her seat in the very back and smirked, as if she was going to actually learn something, though she did continue eating some gumballs.

Ami decided to talk to Ryouma since she was done with her work, and waiting for an alien alert.

"So why did you run to miss Otani's house anyways?" Ami asked.

Author:  Draco Mutation [ Tue Oct 04, 2011 10:52 pm ]
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gottiredsoIdecidedtosleepover!" Ryouma blurted out all at once.

"...Anybody get that?"Kumi questioned staring at Ryouma in confusion "And Ryouma was at Yuri's house?" Kumi questioned Ami freaked out.

"I don't wanna talk about it," Yuri mumbled.

Author:  Yuri'sAfraidOfStairs [ Tue Oct 04, 2011 11:26 pm ]
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"I see....You could've just snuck into my room, me and aunty have plenty. She eats too many sweets anyways." Ami said.

Author:  Draco Mutation [ Wed Oct 05, 2011 12:18 am ]
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"Ah, maybe next time Amiami," Ryouma said.

"Excuse me class, but it seems we have a new student, Tukiyo Hisakawa," the teacher said as the girl from the previose day steped into class.

"Hi, I'm Tukiyo, nice to meeyou all," She said cheerfully as Ryouma emited a low growl.

Author:  Yuri'sAfraidOfStairs [ Wed Oct 05, 2011 1:27 am ]
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"Of all the classes.....And SHE'S in this one....Someone will pay." Ami said ominously.

".....Huh? Wha? I wasn't sleeping!" Sacchan yelled out suddenly.

"And HER....." Ami repeated.

Author:  Draco Mutation [ Wed Oct 05, 2011 2:18 am ]
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Tukiyo walked over to Ami and glared at her.

"We'll see how long you can stay at the topof your game, freak," Tukiyo whispered before taking a seat, Ryouma looked ready to pounce, but froze before starting on his school work.

"Did Ryouma just start working in class?" Kumi questioned in disbeleafe.

Author:  Yuri'sAfraidOfStairs [ Sat Oct 08, 2011 4:03 pm ]
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Ami glared back, for an instance her eyes flashed red, but they stayed normal.

"Well at least Ryouma's working..." Ami admitted.

Ami calmed down and got to work.

Sacchan fell asleep again, and Ami wished the alien alert would hurry up and sound.

Author:  Draco Mutation [ Sat Oct 08, 2011 7:41 pm ]
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Soon the lunch bell rang and they were going to eat.

"Strange, the alern usuely gose off by now," Kumi muttered.

"I know something bad is going to happen," Yuri said looking around.

"I got waffles!" Akiho said happily.

"Who has waffles for lunch!?" Kumi asked staring at her.

"Her, I've got this," Ryouma said pulling out a box full of squid tentacles.

"...Ok I won't even ask," Kumi said backing away from Ryouma's smelly lunch.

Author:  Yuri'sAfraidOfStairs [ Wed Oct 12, 2011 1:51 pm ]
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Ami was eating a cake with chocolate bars, as the others stare.

"What?....I'll let you know my family has a sweets problem!" Ami yelled.

then returned to eating.

Sachiko stared, her mouth drooling at the site of the others food, she looked like a hungry puppy.

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