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Weekly Alien Nine blog idea
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Author:  Draco Mutation [ Wed Jun 13, 2012 10:50 am ]
Post subject:  Weekly Alien Nine blog idea

Ok, I have noticed that the news in the main alien nine site is...barren to say the least, barely anything ever comes up.

My suggestion is for Sai(or other mods if they can post news on the main site too) to do a weekly Alien Nine blog of sorts, nothing special since new stuff isn't frequently coming up in the Alien Nine community, but it could be a few things, have some commentary on certain parts of the anime or manga, give note to a notable Alien Nine fanfic or two, just talk about the Alien Nine community in general.

Ya...I just want the site to be livelier, this might help.

Author:  Sai [ Sun Jul 01, 2012 2:20 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Weekly Alien Nine blog idea

Unfortunately the function where the forum Announcement posts would post to the main website homepage was lost when upgrading the forum to be rid of the spambots.

These were the two phpBB mods I was using to make forum announcements and latest forum posts (like roleplay activity) show on the homepage which don't work with the new version of the forum that prevents spam better:
"phpBB Latest Topic Displayer" for recent forum posts.
"Topics Anywhere" for announcements.

If you know of addons like these for phpBB 3.0.9 or newer please let me know. Then perhaps I could you make you able to post News to the homepage if you would have the time that is to find Alien 9 related news and activity in the world (there is an option on Google search to make a "Google Alert" sent to your email whenever something Alien 9 related is posted to the internet). Sadly I don't have as much time as I used to so I won't be able to do it myself. :(

Author:  Sai [ Sun Jul 01, 2012 4:36 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Weekly Alien Nine blog idea

I've managed to get a "Recent Forum Posts" thing added to the main homepage again.
Still if anyone can find something similar to "Topics Anywhere" for phpbb3 I'd appreciate it so that we can show posts by contributors to News & Announcements forum section only on the homepage. All the ones I tried to find were Abandoned or would break the homepage entirely :(

Author:  Draco Mutation [ Mon Jul 02, 2012 6:36 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Weekly Alien Nine blog idea

I admit I have no idea how any of this works so sorry if I suggested the impossible.

Author:  Sai [ Tue Jul 03, 2012 10:53 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Weekly Alien Nine blog idea

That's OK :) When I have time I will look into it again. It is a shame noone has done an updated Topics Anywhere for the newer versions of phpBB, it was really easy to use and customise.

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