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Author:  Draco Mutation [ Tue Aug 16, 2011 1:33 am ]
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Clan Name: Freeze Clan
Species Name: Snowape
Description: Tiny white furred black skined monkeys the size of rats with a suction cup at the end of there tails
Fusion Method: They jump on you somewhere, useuly head or shoulder and attatch there suction cup to you.
Powers: Amunity to the cold, breathing ice
Side Effects: Low heat tolerance

Author:  Draco Mutation [ Thu Sep 01, 2011 9:23 pm ]
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Clan Name: Frenzy Clan
Species Name: Bitebite
Description: A hippo-sized purple piranha, with four tentacles comming out of it's 'gills' and a hole on it's back.
Fusion Method: They put you in the hole on there back.
Powers: Bitting, snapping, eating, did I mention bitting?
Side Effects: You go insane from your mind comming into contact with the Bitebite's berserk mind.

Author:  FleetingMischief [ Fri Sep 23, 2011 9:56 pm ]
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Clan Name: Seed Clan (Derogatory term is the Booger Clan)
Species Name: Seeder (Derogatory term is Booger Alien)
Description: An alien with the size, texture, and color of boogers. It crawls into a host's nose and reproduces there. It eats boogers, dead skin and drinks snot and blood. The waste material also looks like snot. When the host's nose is irritated the host may pull out a Seeder and fling it somewhere. The alien offspring will find another host to reproduce there. However, it dies shortly after not finding a host to feed off of. Therefore, blowing into tissues is the most common way of defeating this alien.
Fusion Method: Crawl up your nose where you can't reach it and fuses with your skin.
Powers: The host gains none, but the alien will keep reproducing
Side Effects: (POSSIBLE SIDE EFFECTS) Nose irritation, congestion, allergies, nose bleeds, increased runny noses, mouth breathing.

Author:  Draco Mutation [ Tue Nov 29, 2011 10:12 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Create a clan

Clan Name: Slice Clan
Species Name: Slicer
Description: A pair of bat wings the proper size for a adult human, they are generaly light blue, that have severel small spikes on the 'belly', have blades at the ends of there wings, and two glowing white eyes.
Fusion Method: Latches on to youre back and plugs it's spikes into your spine.
Powers: Flight, obviosly, they're bladed wings can also slice through nearly anything.
Side Effects: Back pain is the basic side effect, the advanced side effect is when the Slicer trys to take over your body.

Author:  Draco Mutation [ Mon Jan 23, 2012 4:45 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Create a clan

I got two clans that are bigger than normal, and yet are both practically the same, they will share a description.

Clan Name's: White Clan & Black Clan.
Description: Two clans that are identical and of the same species except for color, this clan has more than one type in it so I will now list the types in each clan.

All of the aliens that will be mentioned next only come in black or white depending on their clan.

Species Name: Pawn
Description: Resembles a borg except is detail-less, they are worn on the head like a borg, they resemble the tops of pawn's in chess.
Fusion Method: They are worn on the head like a borg, but can be removed easily as they have no way to fuse permanently.
Powers: No power is given to the Human host; they merely take control of them to act as grunts for their clan.
Side Effects: As said mind control.

Species Name: Bishop
Description: Resembles the top of a bishop chess piece, except for a pair of constantly glaring yellow eyes visible on each side of it, it is worn on the head like a borg.
Fusion Method: Once it is on someone’s head it sends a spike strait into the hosts head, it drills throughout the host assuming the shape of their skeletal structure, careful not to puncture anything vital.
Powers: Once someone has been fused with a Bishop they gain a huge increase in strength and durability, they also gain the ability to have spikes sprout out of anywhere on their body.
Side Effects: The same mind control as the Pawn's, spikes coming out of the body make holes in the body.

Species Name: Knight
Description: Resembles a horse in basic shape, but it only has two legs, it possesses no fur, or main, it's tail is long and bony, it's eyes are pure yellow, and it possesses no visible mouth.
Fusion Method: Knights do not fuse.
Powers: Speed and their bites can knock you out, they also can carry many Pawns and Bishops in their stomachs that can be regurgitated and placed on anyone they knock out.
Side Effects: None, Knights don't fuse.

Species Name: Rook
Description: Looks like a giant top of a rook chess piece, with six crab legs on its underside, and two tentacles on both sides, it is about the size of a elephant.
Fusion Method: Rooks do not fuse.
Powers: Rooks have the capabilities of capturing many potential hosts within its large body.
Side Effects: None, Rooks don't fuse.

Species Name: Queen
Description: Looks like the top of a Queen chess piece, it is worn on the head like a borg.
Fusion method: Once a Queen has been placed upon a hosts head it forms a skin type suit of sorts around the host, making them appear to be a detail-less silhouette of the its original self, the color of the clan the Queen was from.
Powers: Unlike the Pawns, and Bishops, once a Queen is on you, you are not mind controlled, the Queens are worn by those who are actually on the side of ether the Black or White clan, the host of a Queen gains the ability to give telepathic orders to any other member of their clan, except for other Queens, or Kings, the hosts of the Queens also gain increased strength and speed, and can produce eggs for any of the clans species.
Side Effects: Though there is no mind control, the Queen can heavily influence its host’s actions.

Species Name: King.
Description: Basically resembles a King chess piece, they come in many sizes, ranging from the size of a tool shed, to a large office building, depending on how old it is, it has tentacles on random places on its lower half.
Fusion Method: Kings do not fuse.
Powers: They act as bases for the Black or White clans, the only powers they have other then protection is whipping their tentacles.
Side Effects: None, Kings don't fuse.

Author:  Draco Mutation [ Sat Jul 21, 2012 4:07 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Create a clan

Clan Name: Temporal Clan
Species Name: Chronoganger
Description: Appeares to be the shape of a theropod dinosaur but is made up of a membrane that is transparent red in color.
Fusion Method: It pulls you into itself and takes your shape around you.
Powers: Chronoganger's seem to have the ability to speed and slow time to a degree, it's only somewhat and depending on how strong the Chronoganger is, stoping time does not seem possible for them, but you never know.
Side Effects: Hosts of the Chronoganger seem to stop aging for some unknown reason.

Author:  ReeGo [ Sat Jul 06, 2013 3:15 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Create a clan

Clan Name: Choker Clan
Species Name: Collar-Bound
Description: White triangular shaped borg with a wider base, like arms coming off from the bottom corners of the triangle. The top of the triangular point is where the mouth of the borg resides that opens in order for the spikes to launch out such as that of a butterfly tongue coming out of its mouth. These spikes that come out act like the drills on the borgs "wings" in Alien Nine but they are just straight, clean, shiny, silver, long spikes that come out of the choker borgs narrow mouth in order to defend the host's life (person it is attached to).
Fusion Method: The "arms" of the choker borg wrap around the host's neck like a choker and lock but the host can unlock by pressing the center button-like piece right in front of the esophagus. The triangular body attaches to the rear part of the host's skull with suction-cup like feelers that fuse into the tissues and hair of the host.
Powers: Heightens senses, protection like that of a normal borg (but with spikes not drills), allows for better overall physical status of the host (stronger and better cardio, but not insanely drastic)
Side Effects: Leads to occasional hallucinations

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