Don't worry there aren't many! But I do ask that you please abide by the few I ask, thank you.

° You must fill in:
- a name/nickname (nickname must be something sensible of course not ILoveKumi8567_the_3rd... and preferably not just the name of an Alien 9 character),
- a valid/full e-mail address *
- your real country

* If you are uncomfortable with having your email on the list then you may choose to have it hidden (by removing the tick from the checbox "Show email...") but you must still fill in a valid address for contact purposes (I won't spam you or hand out your email)

° You don't have to have a website, but if you do, please put a code or button on your site before applying, thank you. No direct linking to button images allowed, you must host them on your own web space. If you're not sure how, please do not take a button and just use a code instead, thanks. If your website includes malicious material etc. I reserve the right to not add it.

° You have to like/love the Alien 9 (Nine) series, naturally =)

If you agree with all these, then Join! =)

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