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ID Name E-mail URL Country Why do you like Alien Nine? (optional)
1 Sai - www England I enjoyed many aspects, such as character design, concept, music and animation.
2 Generic Badass - www USA I decided to purchase the special edition DVD back in August, and fell in love almost instantly (I'm not even an anime fan).
3 Chikori @ www USA -
4 Alex @ www USA Because it just rocks.
5 Jibrille @ www Chile -
6 Lila @ www Philippines I like the characters
7 Rachael @ www USA -
8 Domineko - www Philippines Well, Alien 9 is one of the best anime i've seen. ^-^
9 Jelina Marie @ www Philippines Because it's one of my fave animes and I love the characters and the story too. hehehehe.
10 Kai G-Revolution @ www Chile Kumi xD
11 Larry @ www Hong Kong I've seen it one time in AXN. Then I love it very much.
12 Aoi Sakuraba @ www Canada It's the most twisted creative anime I've seen in a long while!
13 Carley @ www USA Because of the cool theme, and the funny, albeit, annoying at times charecters!! ^^ lol.
14 Seth ArchitectureNinja - www USA Overall, the anime is a very stong piece of art. The imagery, sounds, characterization, and symbolism all deserve to be taken quite a look at.
15 Libby - www USA Watching Alien Nine affected me deeply! (They need to animate the rest of the manga!)
16 Sara @ www USA I love it! It is completely out of the ordinary (just like me ^_^) The whole idea blows me away! I absolutley adore it!
17 Monami - www USA I love Alien Nine! It's such a great anime, as well as a manga series! Alien Nine : Emulators is my favorite! ^_^
18 guisKAS - www Spain -
19 Seifer Sh'kura @ www USA Read the mangas, then saw the show, hooked on it since.
20 Raja Izlyn Syaza @ www Malaysia Because I like Yuri. Although she is a bit annoyed sometimes.
21 danielle @ www USA -
22 Megumi @ www Brazil Yuri Otani, Kumi Kawamura, Kasumi Tomine.
23 Jax Malcolm @ www USA The storyline is both intriguing and deep. Plus I like the fact that the show isn't infested with canon Mary Sues.
24 Kumi @ www USA I am a fan because of the art and the plot.
25 Bobby Nguyen @ www USA Because the first time I watched this I just fell in love with it.
26 Claire @ www Singapore The story is nice and the characters are really loveable. ^^
27 Jade - www USA Aline Nine is something different. It's not like regular anime/manga's where if the character is a girl they fall in love with some guy.
28 Alysia - www USA It's a very awesome anime that's great fun to watch =D
29 ChaosDream @ www USA I think I am qualified to be a fan of Alien Nine. I watched the anime well over 30 times. And Kasumi Tomine is my all time favorite character.
30 Dragnfly (@Gamefaqs) - www Canada Character depth and that general feeling of things going from bad to worse that I love in a story.
31 takachsh @ www Canada Its a very adorable series and I very much enjoy the storyline plus the music.
32 Inu @ www USA Because Alien 9 is funny to me. I like it.
33 Ruby Urameshi @ www USA I love the series. I just think it's soooooo awesome.
34 Shikata @ www USA -
35 Shizuku Seta @ www Philippines I like Alien 9 because I love aliens and I feel like an alien, an out of this world person :)
36 Shelia - www USA Because I love the show and love the peolpe in it.
37 Keriana @ www USA It's the only anime I've watched 100 times, and still I don't understand.
38 josh - www USA Because I like it.
39 Becky @ www USA It's so well done, and unique. Reminds me of elementary school. :P Hey it really was that scary!
40 Vic @ www USA I loved the mangas of Alien 9 and I'm still waiting to buy the dvd for it. Plus Alien 9 is an awesome anime.
41 Kumi-chan @ www USA Alien Nine is a very interesting series. I hope to read and watch it someday!
42 Stephanie @ www USA Because I love Alien 9.
43 Stary feather wings @ www Ireland -
44 CCMars @ www USA Oh, wow...there are too many reasons to list why I love this show. ^-^
45 Dragon2911 @ www Germany 'cause I like it *grin*
46 Mai @ www India -
47 ZAX - www Hong Kong I like Alien Nine very much after watching it on TV.
48 Ordos - www Philippines Love the anime the very first time I watched it and it rocks!
49 Jinshen @ www Singapore Because Alien9 is undeniably fantastic!
50 Marie - www Canada It's a good series.
51 Tseirp - www Indonesia Because I really like the character design, music and story. It's the only anime that I can watch several times.
52 Sapphire @ www Singapore -
53 Patricia Bianca Aniceto @ www Philippines Because they are cool and the storyline is great. I love Alien 9.
54 Lady Luck @ www Philippines Because all of the parts of the story is excellent and I cried when Borg died.
55 Candice - www Philippines Cause I really love Alien 9 especially Yuri!
56 vim @ www Hong Kong Alien 9 is the most emotional anime that I have watched .It can really make me happy , scared , worried , dizzied.
57 LC @ www USA b/c it so cool ^_^
58 chungwj @ www Malaysia I love the anime and the characters!
59 Kevin Arighi @ www Indonesia -
60 MiLan perales @ www USA I just love it, its funny and cool.....ummm thats about all I can think of.
61 Yurika - www Philippines -
62 Zucchini @ www USA What's not to like about it? >:D Seriously riveting. You'll laugh, you'll cry, and in Yuri's case you'll cry again...and again...and....
63 wierkluos @ www Philippines Who would'nt it's a great anime even though it ended fast only 4 episode fast wish they make more.
64 Ryan McQuail @ www Ireland I love the characters and the story and everything about the series (the characters are so cute) ^_^
65 Sharmaine @ www Philippines Because it's awesome! What more of a reason do you need? XD
66 Claudine @ www Philippines I just love how they look... Kumi's cute.
67 Danee Rivera @ www Philippines Because of the cute characters.
68 Heba @ www USA -
69 meladec - www USA I seen the show on comcast on demand.
70 DreamlandKris @ www USA Alien 9 is just so awesome! The cute character designs contrast with the dark theme. :D
71 winnie - www Hong Kong -
72 Per Jensen @ www Denmark I saw Alien 9 one year ago and loved it. now i have readen the first 3 vols of teh manga and was breathless for 10mins and just loved it!!!!
73 Amy @ www USA Why I am a fan is when I was introduced to this manga my friend showed me it was one of my favorites after I read the first book now I'm hooked! This manga is part of my life now and no one can take it away from me.
74 Brittany @ www USA -
75 Sauman @ www Hong Kong -
76 Kristina @ www USA I just like the whole plot of it. Plus I love the little aliens they get to wear on thier head.
77 Kordox @ www Denmark The girls are kawaii!!!
78 Relric @ www Philippines -
79 George Hess - www USA The anime made me want the manga. The manga is awesome! That's all the why there needs to be.
80 louis angelo l vivas @ www Philippines I want to watch it everyday.
81 Cat-chan @ www Germany I love anime with such a strange story.
82 Jamillie - www USA Because I want an alien on my head too!
83 Chloe @ www Canada J'aime alien nine : D >w< I love it!
84 gREGORY kISS @ www Hungary -
85 cuong @ www Vietnam Because it's very interesting, beautiful and lovely.
86 Kitty @ www USA -
87 Rocky Ellery James @ www Indonesia I love Kumi Kawamura!!!!!! (and yuri otani)
88 Kasumi @ www USA cuz im a real life Kasumi! literallly
89 Great - www Afghanistan -
90 Jose Melendez - www USA Alien fighter nine is one of the best anime i have ever seen, i saw it like two years ago and i totaly fell in love with the anime.
91 Shance @ www Canada -
92 Demond Griffin @ www USA -
93 aiko - www Philippines I love this anime.
94 Chris @ www USA I saw the 1st ep and im hooked im tryin to see the others.
95 Lindsey - www USA -
96 Elizabeth - www USA It is so cool.
97 YamiNoKitsune @ www USA I love the anime.
98 Kamikaze - www USA Because I love the characters and music.
99 Apollyon - www USA I just love the series and the manga, the cheracters, the story.
100 bina @ www Philippines Because the anime Alien 9 is so unique, the art is good and the story and twists are great!!!
101 Katsu @ www USA Well it's one of the most unique anime I've ever seen.
102 Saiko - www USA The character designs are awesome and I think it does a whole new perspective on Sci-Fi. Plus I think the Borgs are pretty cool.
103 A Trombonist @ www USA Yuri is just soo cute!
104 Kita Negima @ www USA I love the characters and the plot of the series. Kasumi's definatly a favorite, though she's psycho. ^^
105 Cosmoz - www Italy I like Yuri Otani
106 Jennifer Ballroom @ www Zimbabwe -
107 Sam @ www USA -
108 Quang - www Vietnam Awesome!!!So nice story and cute character.Love it
109 Hikari @ www India -
110 Dunepyro @ www Philippines -
111 Snowe @ www Philippines because of the story and the characters
112 Ida-Maria @ www Denmark its just a good show xDD
113 Shima - www USA Yes!!
114 Risu - www Hong Kong -
115 Dyei @ www Philippines hontou ni~!!
116 Daniela @ www USA It's so interesting, I only read #3 and I was already hooked.
117 Haruka @ www Philippines I like..no, love Alien Nine because the characters are cute and the story is definitely unique
118 Pat Williams @ www USA -
119 Ash - www France excellent production from JC STAFF. and I love the somehwat disturbing atmosphere of this anime.
120 Seline @ www Philippines They are so cute and lovable!!
121 Erii @ www USA I can relate alot with the characters...well sort of. haha.
122 London Purcell @ www USA Because i like all japanese anime and i like shows about aliens.
123 Itou Akira @ www USA -
124 Speedninja @ www Canada -
125 Sen @ www Philippines I like the Borgs
126 Sam @ www USA -
127 Cursedwings @ www USA the aliens, the story... it's original!
128 Alia @ www USA It is very interesting, it flatters me.
129 Jima - www Russia I like this original world in Alien nine :)
130 Abc-Destiny @ www Malaysia It's special from the other animes, plus the borg on their heads are very cute. ^^
131 Krissy @ www USA -
132 Nicholas Owen @ www South Africa -
133 Hopeless - www Paraguay -
134 Mimi - www USA It'a an awsome show! What more is there to say?
135 Tracey @ www USA -
136 Cameron Witt @ www USA It's very unique, great (and adorable) characters, million other reasons I dont have the energy to list XD
137 Sheng - www USA Borg are so cute
138 Landon - www USA it has aliens
139 Gaijinotaku @ www USA Because it's one of the greatest anime/manga ever made, but it's so underated. The chharacters are all so detailed in their personalities and relationships, the art style is great and very unique, almost contradicting itself compared to the darker theme
140 Piroko - www USA Original storyline, great art.
141 Luna @ www Philippines I love the plot. :3
142 Rezrabbit @ www USA I loved it.
143 Time4someanime @ www USA I love 'Alien Nine' because of the characters and how different the show is compaired to what I've seen before. It's also inspirational.
144 Brokenandy @ www USA Because so far it is the most epic thing I've seen in my life. (Both anime and manga.)
145 Yuriafraidofstairsx2 - www USA Yes, More like Obsessed!
146 Callie - www USA it's interesting. i really like the plot and characters.
147 Robbiehardin @ www Canada -
148 Burbels - www Russia -
149 Jonathan @ www Philippines Who doesn't!!!
150 Energetic9ball @ www USA The Characters Are Soooooo Kute.
151 Dan @ www USA -
152 Jennifer @ www USA It's hard to sum up why I like Alien Nine in a few words.
153 Brokensaint058 @ www Belgium Because no great series is supposed to end on a cliffhanger!

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