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We have a total of 153 Alien Party members. /'\/'('o__o')'\/'\
Each with their own set of rollerksates, borgs (non-returnable) and nets. ;) Keep on catching those aliens everyone! >=)

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What is this site about?

A fanlisting is a site that lists fans of a particular subject, in this case the Alien 9 (Nine) anime/manga. You do not need a web site in order to join. Fans from around the world may submit to this list to show show how appreciated this series really is!
You can find information about this series at my fansite.



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26/11/2012: /'\/'('o,x,o')'\/'\
17/12/2011: Apologies for the lack of updates. The fanlisting script was broken which meant it wouldn't allow me to approve new members etc. I've managed to fix it now and added manually any applications that were sent in before the script was fixed. We now have 153 members!
28/03/2009: Thanks to everyone who has joined so far! 131 members and counting.

Hi everyone, terribly sorry for the lack of updates. Offline work/studies has me really busy, I'm going to be very busy with work still but will try my best to keep this list updated. Plus the fanlisting has been spammed heavily by about 30 advertising robots just trying to get their website listed!
Also the script was messed up and I had to re-install the whole thing. And then add each of the members manually whilst being careful to remove any spammers... @_@ It turned out to be 100 members and took me the whole day!! o_o If I listed your details incorrectly please tell me.
The good news though is: a) The site is now using the latest version of the fanlisting script. This has better security and options. For example you can now update your information without needing to email me.
b) WE HAVE 100 MEMBERS! I added a nice award for 100 members to the Site page. =)
Long live Alien 9.

Thank you for your support! Sorry for the delay in adding people. The database and script is totally messed up. I'm not sure if we have 89 or 91 members. I *think* its actually 89 like the front page says.... I'm having to add people manually... I'm too busy recently to fix it but when I get time I'll update the script. Thanks for your patience.
I'm terribly sorry if this place has been down for awhile, I had not realised that the site was having database problems! =(
Welcome all new members to the Alien Party! =)
Watch out for aliens! =o
Be careful whilst rollerskating! =|
Have fun catching aliens! =D
Thank you for your support! Um, I ran out of things to say that already... Oh well, let's all just go forth and catch aliens! o_o
To new members: Your nets are ready. [|]----(\\\\)
To new members: Your borgs are ready. /'\/'('o__o')'\'\ Remember, borgs are non-returnable >=)
To new members:. Thank you for joining the Alien Party! Your uniforms are ready.
To new members: Thank you for joining the Alien Party! Your rollerskates are ready. I am not liable for any skating accidents! ¬_¬
Sorry for the downtime.. I hope it wasn't long. Didn't notice the site was unable to access the database until Jinshen kindly notified me! @_@
Added a link to a petition Jinshen has made, you can find the link in the Site section. If you're a fan of the Alien Nine anime, please take a look.
We now have 50 members! Yay! Thanks everyone for showing so much appreciation for this series, I have made a quick thank you image, but I must apologise for the horrid roughness >_< I've been planning to do a Thanks for 50 Members pic for awhile but been so busy o_O! So I had to do this quickly just now ^^;; Link to pic . I will add the award for 50 members from The Fanlistings/Anime Fanlistings to the Site section now.
I decided to pick up an award for having 25 members from The Fanlistings/Anime Fanlistings website, it is up in the Site section. Soon we'll reach 50 members hopefully! Then I'll put up the award banner for that =)
Wow... I'm finally back! Sorry for the unforseen downtime, I've been struggling with moving webhosts unexpectedly. I'll be rambling about it on my main domain area (crossrealms.net) as soon as I have everything back to normal... Hopefully it won't take long. Glad to be back.
Thanks so much for showing your appreciation for this series!
Thanks for your support! Wow, we're getting close to 50 Alien Party members! (41 right now). I bet those aliens are scared now with 41 sets of rollerskates and nets to contend with. I'd like to thank everyone who joined and hopefully will join and are making this possible.
Updated Member details for Becky, thanks for letting me know where your button/banner is =)
I love your Reason For Being A Fan entry Becky =D Sorry I wasn't able to add your website at this point of time x_x;; I couldn't seem to find a banner or link to here when I checked. You can find a banner or link on the Code or Buttons page. I hope you find one you like. Please let me know when you have a link up and I'd be happy to have your link up, thanks! By the way I like your DeviantArt gallery =)
Thanks for joining all, good to have you in the party. Anyway in other news, I still haven't been able to fix the poll so I took the link for it away for now. I will endeavour to get it back up a new one in the future, sorry.
I am very sorry Shikata that I can not list your website too but I could not find a banner/link to here there, but I have listed your other details. Let me know anytime if you get a page up with a banner/link back to here for me to list. Thanks again.
Thanks for supporting the Alien Party! (sounds like a political vote doesn't it? ^_^ )
11/10/2004: We now have a round total of 30 alien catchers. Thank you to all the fans that made this possible and I look forward to seeing more fans of this great series. Happy alien hunting!
We now have a grand total of 25 Alien Party members, those aliens better watch out!
Sorry but I wasn't able to add your website Kumi. I couldn't seem to access it (404 page instead). Email me whenever it is up so I can check and add it if you wish. Thanks.
I need to apologise for the recent downtime of my domain. My webhost was having problems. It'll be a little while before the subdomains start working again I believe. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Sorry but I wasn't able to add your website Megumi. I couldn't seem to access it (404 page instead). Email me whenever it is up so I can check and add it if you wish. Thanks.
09/08/2004: I apologise for the poll not working. I am not sure why it suddenly stopped working, if I get it fixed I'll let you know.
I'm back! Sorry to keep people waiting.
30/06/2004: I'll have no computer access for awhile soon (only for a few days). So just saying that if I get any applications, I'll respond as soon as I'm back online. Thanks.
I should note that your (guisKAS) site isn't functional (goes to a dead page), let me know when it's up and I'll add it.
Thank you for joining all! ^^ Ooh and on the 6th of the 6th o.O
^^ Now we have a whole 15 members. That's alot of borgs and rollerblades ^^
Thank you everyone who used the character poll. Kumi is still in the lead with 6 points so far. It's nice to see that the other girls got votes too. Looking forward to seeing more votes and members ^^
^^ Another new member approved on the 21st day like last month, spooky~ ^^ And it was the 27th day that matched for Feb and March too. OK I'll stop rambling now
We now have 6 votes on the character poll, another vote for Kumi ^^
We now have 5 votes on the character poll, Kumi is still in the lead ^^
Now we have a total of 8 to storm the alien invasion with ^^
Thank you everyone so far for joining. We also have a total of 4 votes on the character poll, Kumi is in the lead! ^^ I hope to see more votes in the future and we'll see if the lead changes.
This fanlisting has now been approved by the Anime Fanlistings Directory ^^
Well this place is all settled in now over at TheFanlistings.org with a link up in the Anime/Manga listing. Also someone or other seems to of added this place to Anipike's section for Alien 9, thank you whoever that was ^^; I've also applied for Anime Fanlistings Directory after receiving an email that jogged my memory about it. In other words, guess this place is spreading out a bit one way or another ^^ Hope to see more people join the Alien Party, thanks everyone
I updated the rules a little bit. I felt I should make it clearer ^^;
Site created!


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